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  1. 5.00 Hold On Tight (wwyff) 30

    Published by MusicMaster9 on 03/23/2014 in Quizzes

  2. 0.00 My dysfunctional relationship

    Published by cerirevolution on 01/16/2014 in Stories

  3. 0.00 (trust me very interesting) dripped in gold

    Published by miriam58010 on 11/19/2013 in Stories

  4. 5.00 ugly beauty (very interesting) chapter one

    Published by miriam58010 on 11/19/2013 in Stories

  5. 5.00 Blythe or Pullip(collector dolls)?

    Published by Cherrypop908 on 11/11/2013 in Polls

  6. 4.00 What is your favourite film

    Published by monkey214 on 10/15/2013 in Polls

  7. 4.50 adults vs. kids

    Published by summer80 on 04/16/2013 in Polls

  8. 0.00 Have you ever been lectured by a grown up?

    Published by smileypanda55 on 03/16/2013 in Polls

  9. 5.00 School Safety

    Published by anabellabonn on 02/13/2013 in Quizzes

    This quiz will determine your stance as a citizen in America in regards to school safety. This is a political issue in regards to everyday doubts and unsureness. Your opinion will stand in regards to children's safety as well. Created this poll for a school project.

  10. 3.25 are youu depressed or ok ?

    Published by krisheena on 12/11/2012 in Quizzes

    take only if you are a teenager or older

  11. 4.00 The ultimate maturity test!

    Published by epfcontrol on 11/20/2012 in Quizzes

    A quiz for pre-teenagers, teenagers, and young adults. Find out if you are mature enough to pass the ultimate maturity test.

  12. 5.00 Complete Control

    Published by CuriousPaige19 on 11/14/2012 in Poems

  13. 4.00 Too Late To Be Hippies

    Published by iXwillXnotXcut on 10/14/2012 in Poems

    Hello everyone i hope your life is going well. Mine is... well at least it is going haha. i learned the hard way not to over idealize adult role models or judge self worth through the opinions of others, either way you will get very hurt. This poem is one i wrote a few months back, i hope you enjoy! rate and message if you would be so inclined

  14. 4.50 Do you act your age? (w/ Pictures)

    Published by 3mazing on 10/06/2012 in Quizzes

    Find out if you act your age. It's also to see if I can guess your age so... it's kind of two in one. Why not try it?

  15. 5.00 Fav member of One Direction???

    Published by Hayhay2401 on 09/27/2012 in Polls

  16. 5.00 So you think you One Direction

    Published by Hayhay2401 on 09/27/2012 in Quizzes

    I know 1D I wonder if you do!

  17. 4.00 Adults these days....

    Published by Lovelessisawesome on 09/15/2012 in Stories

    F*ck off!

  18. 5.00 What people do you find annoying?

    Published by xXElementoftheSeaXx on 08/23/2012 in Polls

  19. 4.50 What do you think of Politics?

    Published by AngelflyGurl on 08/11/2012 in Polls

  20. 4.75 You've Changed (an Asgardian story) chapter 4-Outsider

    Published by Ethriel101 on 08/08/2012 in Stories

    this is one of my longer chapters, it contains a small flash back. enjoy

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