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  1. 5.00 Which first name should i use for the heroine of Soul Eater Love Story?

    Published by BarbieAnime178 on 04/16/2014 in Polls

  2. 5.00 яσℓєρℓαу ℓιѕт αи∂ яυℓєѕ❣

    Published by VividDreams91 on 04/16/2014 in Stories

    So I am back and I am looking for some long term roleplay partners, read the rules and message me if interested. Don't forget to mention the things I had requested or I will just ignore your message.

  3. 5.00 .:The Lost One:. (Naruto Story Info)

    Published by GaaraBound on 04/16/2014 in Stories

    Just the Info about your charater (:

  4. 0.00 Tomorrow's Another Day - DRR!! Story (Oneshot)

    Published by xRaeChanx on 04/16/2014 in Stories

    This is just something I whipped up about my original character Norah Hart. It follows episodes 15 and 16 of Durarara. Please check out my Deviantart profile for more information on Norah! My username is Fullmetals-Lover.

  5. 0.00 A Fateful Wind - Ch 4: Resolution

    Published by xRaeChanx on 04/16/2014 in Stories

  6. 0.00 A Fateful Wind - Ch 3: Eye Opener

    Published by xRaeChanx on 04/16/2014 in Stories

  7. 0.00 A Fateful Wind - Ch 2: Familiar Faces

    Published by xRaeChanx on 04/16/2014 in Stories

  8. 3.00 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Aikasama’s New Rp Partner Search List! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    Published by Aikasama16 on 04/15/2014 in Stories

  9. 0.00 A Fateful Wind - Ch 1: The Mess Hall

    Published by xRaeChanx on 04/15/2014 in Stories

  10. 5.00 This or That? *part 157*

    Published by gazzeber on 04/15/2014 in Polls

  11. 0.00 ::Untitled:: #Three. The Water's Edge. (A Sesshomaru Story)

    Published by Gotthe0.omilk on 04/15/2014 in Stories

    Sorry it took so long to get this one up. Also sorry its so short. The next one will be up within the next couple days this is just to keep you hungry readers at bay! LOL keep your eyes posted, promise ... on to the story then! Hope you Enjoy! Read. Rate, Msg. Wtv ;)

  12. 5.00 Ghost Hunt Fanfic - Info

    Published by nmbuhr on 04/15/2014 in Stories

  13. 5.00 Ꭰяεαмιηg σƒ ƴσυ ☾ PRUSSIA

    Published by xXBloodyGrellXx on 04/15/2014 in Stories

    Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt x Reader || Hetalia || Romance || 'Dreaming of You' || For CheshirePasta || Word count: 460 || This is an old request that has been rewritten because the last one was just horrendous. Hopefully it's better this time.

  14. 5.00 SNK, K, DRRR Roleplay / RP? OPEN

    Published by MooiHimamoriChan on 04/14/2014 in Stories

  15. 0.00 Which Sysco Character Are You?

    Published by PollutionDemon on 04/13/2014 in Quizzes

    Which character from the Sysco book series are you most like?

  16. 5.00 ✎Яᵒᶩᶟᵖᶩᵅᵧ Cravings✎

    Published by SolitaireStar on 04/13/2014 in Stories

    Title says it all! Pictures do not belong to me!

  17. 5.00 Who is your Naruto guy?

    Published by HorizonPuppets on 04/13/2014 in Quizzes

    NARUTO - ナルト - 彼氏クイズ 誰があなたのボーイフレンドになる

  18. 5.00 ||Sasuke Uchiha|| Confluence ||Chapter Seventeen||

    Published by AmayaHaruko on 04/13/2014 in Stories

    I went to a Disney themed night out thing last night and I went as Anna from Frozen and I bought new high heeled boots to wear and that has been my biggest mistake EVER

  19. 4.75 ≧°◡°≦ ᖇᗝᒪᗴᖰᒪᗩ૪ ᙅᖇᗩᐯᓮﬡᘐᔕ ≧◡≦

    Published by SeaLily4523 on 04/13/2014 in Stories

    Hello Quizilla! I am looking for a really good partner! If you'd like to role-play with me, please read the rules and role-plays below! Also, look for the magic password so I know you read everything or else I won't reply!~ Interested? I can't wait to hear from you!~

  20. 5.00 Which Bully La Bully Character Are YoU??

    Published by jimketchup on 04/12/2014 in Quizzes

    Hey you guysss Bully La Bully is my FAOVERITE of all animes so I made a quiz!!! >:3 I hope oyu enjoy hehhehehehehehhejhehehe

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