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  1. 5.00 God of Mischief (Chapter 13) - Just You and Me

    Published by maggi3magpi3 on 03/17/2014 in Stories

    SHOUT-OUTS go to those who message me with comments/feedback! A lot happens in this chapter, but LOKI IS BACK so who caresxD Thanks for reading you beautiful people!

  2. 0.00 Should I do an Avengers Story?

    Published by RangersMC on 09/06/2013 in Polls

  3. 5.00 Avengers OC- Halo

    Published by 111potatoes111 on 06/09/2013 in Stories

    I want to post a story on this, but message me whether I should first, pleeez!

  4. 5.00 Who is your favorite Avenger?

    Published by bubblegum99 on 05/12/2013 in Polls

  5. 5.00 The Star Spangled Man {A Captain America/Steve Rogers One Shot For jazzneko}

    Published by funkyrandomer on 01/24/2013 in Stories

    Here is the one shot for jazzneko, a most loyal reader of mine. I slaved over this longer than the rest because of your constant support, I hope you enjoy it as much if not more than other material I have written. Coming in at 7,004 words, I present my Captain America One Shot. Enjoy!

  6. 5.00 ~The Avengers Rp~

    Published by Haha2374738 on 01/21/2013 in Stories

    Message me!!!! =)

  7. 5.00 The Eagle: An Avengers Oneshot (Part 7)

    Published by musicfreak97 on 12/23/2012 in Stories

    This is the last part of my story and I know it's been a long time since my last part. I hope you guys liked it and I had a fun time writing it. Now I think I'm just going to write small little short stories for all my OC's and have fun with it. Please don't forget to rate and all the fun jazz! Cheers my lovelies.

  8. 0.00 A Dozen Crazy Things-Avengers

    Published by Thegoldencrown on 11/07/2012 in Stories

    "Natasha was waiting for him." | Avengers One-Shot| World: Movie and Civil War comics |Pairings: Bruce/Nat, Clint/Nat |Rating: G| Warnings: Talk of killing| Genre: Romance/Drama|


    Published by seveyun2000 on 10/02/2012 in Polls

  10. 5.00 What superpowers would you have??

    Published by xxCrazySkittlexx on 08/04/2012 in Quizzes

    If you were superhuman, what superpowers would you have?? this quiz is quite short but i struggled to think of questions for it.... enjoy anyway!!

  11. 5.00 Avengers OC

    Published by whowants2live4ever on 07/29/2012 in Stories

  12. 4.75 Which Avengers character are you?

    Published by JumpersAndKittens on 06/17/2012 in Quizzes

  13. 0.00 who is your favorite character of the avengers?

    Published by Awesomem on 06/16/2012 in Polls

  14. 4.75 Who is your favourite character out of Avengers Assemble?

    Published by BeckyRage96 on 06/12/2012 in Polls

  15. 5.00 Following the Organization. Chpt. 294. Army Assemble!

    Published by Ashieboy on 05/11/2012 in Stories

    Excuse any errors and/or typos. I reread this and I believe I got them all.

  16. 4.50 Avengers Assemble OC story ~ Ch1 ~ Acid Heart

    Published by ShinjuuHime27 on 05/11/2012 in Stories

    A story of my OC joining the Avengers, based off the recent movie.

  17. 5.00 Best Superhero in Avengers Assemble?

    Published by Hazzer123 on 05/09/2012 in Polls

  18. 4.75 Who agrees spider man should have been in avengers assemble

    Published by Tomatoesareawsome on 05/06/2012 in Polls

  19. 0.00 Assemble PDF Files

    Published by aldenbeasley24 on 06/30/2011 in Stories

  20. 0.00 Assemble PDF Files

    Published by aldenbeasley24 on 06/30/2011 in Stories

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