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  1. 5.00 In Misery is Happiness -beginning

    Published by Jdazzel13 on 09/06/2014 in Stories

    Ok, so I wrote a journal but no one left a comment. I decided to just share this first part to you and if you like it I will share the rest and keep writing. ;)

  2. 0.00 Sonic characters x reader

    Published by StardustUtopia on 08/06/2014 in Stories

    Here is the first part! I hope you enjoy. :)

  3. 0.00 chapter 2. the way it used to be.

    Published by 1madhatter1rockXD on 05/24/2014 in Stories


  4. 5.00 Awakening

    Published by 1madhatter1rockXD on 05/17/2014 in Stories

    OKay!! THIS is the new story I have been planning to write for awhile guys!!!!! I hope you guys like it!!! All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014 NO reproducing this story by any means, in any forms with out permission by the author........

  5. 5.00 Wonderland

    Published by ReideAbyss on 04/15/2014 in Stories

    Everything is related

  6. 4.50 Your a what now! (WWYFF)

    Published by FunnyJokes27 on 04/07/2014 in Quizzes

    Hi! This is my first time doing a wwyff so sorry if it sucks. In this story you are 16/17 years old meaning you are a high School student. Your name will be represented as ___, ** means time skip and *__* is an action or sound. Message/comment if you want more. I will not wright any more of this story if nobody wants me to write more so tell me.

  7. 0.00 The True Side of Izaac Balayaga

    Published by fhornbrain42 on 03/18/2014 in Stories

    This is an Izaac Balayaga (from the Children of the Lamp) fanfiction! The beginning might not make too much sense, but bare with me. MESSAGE ME AND RATE!!! If I don't get any messages or good rates, I'll know that nobody like it and I won't continue posting... I do want to say that there's a 'Now you see it...' fanfiction sequel, if that changes your mind any...

  8. 2.50 Divergent~WWYFF~Part 1~Intro

    Published by ViciousDove on 03/09/2014 in Quizzes

    read above ^^^^^^^^ about, you have your e/c (eye color) h/c (hair color) Your name is ________ and you are 16. Today is the day of choosing.

  9. 0.00 Blame // 1

    Published by vainattraction on 03/03/2014 in Stories

  10. 5.00 Welcome Home, Prologue

    Published by Weirdoclowngirl on 03/01/2014 in Stories

    Hello! Welcome Home is my new story, and it all starts with a girl named Bianca DeClaire. I originally made her for Percy Jackson, but I decided this would be more fun. This story is set in the mid-Victorian era. Bianca is fourteen, and in for a surprise.

  11. 5.00 Resistance -- a murder mystery WWYFF part 2

    Published by IceDiamonds on 02/25/2014 in Quizzes

    Feels good to be back! Thank you once again for your legendary patience. I feel better as I'm not so burnt out. Just as an FYI- the story is inspired by revolutions, regimes and war. So the setting is going to be more… gritty. Listen to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons or Muse's Resistance and you'll get my gist.

  12. 5.00 Poem...I just don't know

    Published by Skykrisp on 02/25/2014 in Poems


  13. 5.00 Prologue

    Published by NerdAlert255 on 02/22/2014 in Poems

    By: Juliet

  14. 4.50 LOTF Beginning

    Published by Am3rcez on 02/13/2014 in Stories

  15. 5.00 Life Is Good

    Published by AceOfHearts1996 on 02/09/2014 in Poems

    Written for a very special person in my life. This is actually his catch phrase. ~Ace

  16. 5.00 Ice Cold Heart *A vampire wwyff*

    Published by xNiceSpiritsx on 01/17/2014 in Stories

    Just decided not to do a zombie wwyff because I have so many ideas for this. Anywho, this is just a beginning or whatever. "Introduction"

  17. 0.00 Weight Loss - My Journal

    Published by OhPapaHarderXD on 12/31/2013 in Stories

  18. 1.00 Fallen Tree

    Published by forROTtenMemories on 12/30/2013 in Poems

  19. 5.00 The Adventures of Night Heart: Avengers Fanfic. Chapter 15: The End Of the Beginning

    Published by ForeverMarauder on 12/25/2013 in Stories

    So this is the end of the first instalment to the Night Heart Series! I will continue after a short break, I'll probably be back to it after the winter break, maybe sooner. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it so far, I cried writing this, I think you might too. Please please please message me about this one!

  20. 5.00 Ouran HighSchool Host Club: Chap. 4 First Kiss?? Part 3

    Published by TranceKS14 on 12/11/2013 in Stories

    Ok, so still First Kiss Chapter but I have discovered a way to write it in! Be patient! It will surely be in this chapter.

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