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  1. 5.00 Sonic fan character Bio's: Bale & Chell

    Published by Ellathepinemarten on 08/14/2014 in Stories

    decided to re'make it

  2. 0.00 New Contest

    Published by LysRobison on 05/02/2014 in Stories

  3. 0.00 Q & A (intro)

    Published by LysRobison on 03/31/2014 in Stories

  4. 4.25 Shiori Akuma Bio (Naruto O.C.)

    Published by deathnotelova on 03/23/2014 in Stories

    this is the second part of my oc's info, so if you haven't read the first i suggest you do that or whatever, i got lazy and didn't want to put the bio with the info so i made a second part

  5. 0.00 Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist: fan characters - Gisa & Ivo Rothschild Bio's (Re'done)

    Published by Ellathepinemarten on 03/01/2014 in Stories

  6. 3.50 My Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OC

    Published by happypuppy1127 on 02/23/2014 in Stories

  7. 3.50 OC Bio - Candy The Hedgehog

    Published by CandyTheHedgehog on 02/16/2014 in Stories


  8. 0.00 What Do I Do NOW?? Chapter 2: Once Upon An Angel

    Published by EdithVu on 02/02/2014 in Stories

    continuation of what i call life.

  9. 5.00 Bio's story

    Published by Hazel0D on 01/27/2014 in Stories

    so i decided to write a little extra something for my Toxic city because of those of you who liked the preview. I mean, I think you liked it. I haven't bin told other wise. But yea here's Bio's story.

  10. 5.00 Aura's Bio

    Published by PsychicLily15 on 12/21/2013 in Stories

    As you can see, this is Moon's first child and this is her bio.

  11. 2.00 Candy The Hedgehog Bio

    Published by CandyTheHedgehog on 12/06/2013 in Stories

    I meant to write somethin' like this way back in June, but I never actually did since I'm to lazy to write anything but not to lazy to draw, which seems like I do everyday..

  12. 3.00 Naruto Shippuden OC

    Published by Jessie1223334444 on 12/05/2013 in Stories

    ALRIGHT. This OC took me hours to start last night and now I'm all putting it together here. This is mainly for my Itachi story, but is just a general OC as well.

  13. 5.00 Justin K'hil- Adrenaline Rush

    Published by SweetorSourDeath on 10/18/2013 in Stories

    HOLD UP! This wwffy has not been released yet so if you do not want spoilers... please do not look :D. Anyways this is one of the characters! Hope you like him! (You naughty naughty peekers! :P)

  14. 5.00 Red Hood & The Outlaws fan fic

    Published by jjxgirljj on 10/14/2013 in Stories

    Here's a character bio for the main character for my Red Hood and the Outlaws fanfic

  15. 5.00 Always something (avenger story) Your Bio

    Published by wolverinerocks1001 on 09/19/2013 in Stories

    My new series this is your bio if there is a typo not yell I'll fix it I'm just in a rush Also this takes place in the world of the Avengers

  16. 0.00 All I Have - Prologue.

    Published by missuniqe1 on 09/10/2013 in Stories

  17. 2.00 my charater bio's for my new amie quiz!

    Published by manicmania21 on 09/06/2013 in Stories

  18. 0.00 My TMNT OC

    Published by AshMich15 on 08/15/2013 in Stories

    This is my first post. :)

  19. 0.00 Connie's character sheet/general bio

    Published by FairlyIndecisive on 08/08/2013 in Stories

  20. 5.00 X-Men Story, Character Bio: Phoena

    Published by furriesandflurries123 on 08/05/2013 in Stories

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you this teaser of the X-Men story I will be doing, it won't be posted for a while, not until I get the Avengers WWYFF story where I want it at least. Message me ideas and/or thoughts on the character!

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