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  1. 5.00 ση тнε╰ᙢᗩᖘ╮✈ TYL!Lᴀᴍʙᴏ Bᴏᴠɪɴᴏ

    Published by XStrangelyxOvercastx on 12/07/2012 in Stories


  2. 5.00 Privacy Violation ♛ Lambo

    Published by KindleSpirits on 07/11/2012 in Stories

    ||| reader x adult!lambo/ lambo||| Well, I had originally posted this up centuries ago when I still possessed my first Quizilla account, but since I had deleted said account, I wanted to renew this story (and because lambo is so dang adorable, I couldn't resist)! Implied smut, but nothing too profane ♥~! Rate and message? Enjoy, fellow Quizillians! (:

  3. 5.00 [KHR] Valentine Declarations [Style]

    Published by AibouHikari on 02/14/2012 in Quizzes

    A Valentine special stuff I made. It`s a Katekyo Hitman reborn. You choose the character you like the most, and read his declaration love for you. hope you all enjoy.. send me a message if you like this and want other ones -w-

  4. 5.00 Who's the hottest Vongola Guardian?

    Published by CheskaTehEpicTanuki on 12/31/2011 in Polls

  5. 5.00 [khr] Babble Drabble Playlist ♫ [o5/1o] Bovino Lambo

    Published by angelkunoichi65 on 12/29/2011 in Stories

    Oh yeah, I'm half-way there~ Unfortunately- the song used is Friday by Rebecca Black. Enjoy.

  6. 5.00 [ Gingerbread ] - Bovino Lambo

    Published by SweetLunarian on 12/01/2011 in Stories

    Hey guys, this is my first time writing so don't be too harsh on me.

  7. 5.00 T R I G G E R | ♥ Lambo Bovino

    Published by TheMarshmallowKiller on 10/22/2011 in Stories

    Gah... Did I really make Lambo like this? More angst, because fluff is not my style of writing. Ahem. One-Sided!Yandere!LamboxReaderxSomeOtherDude. Inspired by Jeremy -Pearl Jam. Why can't music nowadays be like the old school beats? ;A; Oh, this is Future Lambo, the fiteen year old version.

  8. 5.00 Not Always Forever → Lambo

    Published by LazyHotChocolate on 09/25/2011 in Stories

    Can you tell I'm having a Pokemon obsession? xD [There's not much of a plot, but it was almost 2 in the morning when I wrote this. :3]

  9. 4.50 ✗I'm a guy now, apparently...✘ [16/40] - KHR - Lambo Bovino

    Published by MoofiaMilk on 08/23/2011 in Stories

    Hello! Never in a million years would I have thought of this, until now! Hope you enjoy~.

  10. 5.00 ✗I'm a guy now, apparently...✘ [8/40] - KHR - Lambo Bovino

    Published by MoofiaMilk on 08/11/2011 in Stories

    Hello~, we all saw this one coming...it's Lambo! XD Hope you like it!

  11. 0.00 KHR drabble series~colors~green

    Published by HidashiHanajimi on 07/23/2011 in Stories

  12. 5.00 ☆═━┈ :: | Holiday Drabble Challenge | :: Halloween; Bovino Lambo & Sawada Tsuna [4/5] ┈━═☆

    Published by DeathNoteNekoLover on 07/07/2011 in Stories

    Lambo and Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Really cheezy. :P Don't hate~

  13. 5.00 ๑Dealing with Perverts๑ [Adult!Lambo]

    Published by StrictlyKHR on 05/23/2011 in Stories

    I just had to start a series of stories to do with dealing with damned perverts. This all happened when I read my local newspaper twice and reading about perverts on the subway taking pictures and sexually harrassing women. Tch. First up is Lambo. Let me say that Lambo at twenty-five years old is damn amazing. *whistles* On another note, I think I'm getting sick. *sighs*

  14. 5.00 [A Teen!Lambo] From A to Z (T) [Drabble]

    Published by StrictlyKHR on 05/23/2011 in Stories

    Excuse me while I go blow my annoying nose. I woke up this afternoon with a headache, sore nose and throat, and hurting eyes...actually I still have those symptoms. I don't wanna be sick~! (;__;) Truthfully, there is a Twitter account by the name @BestestHitman. Pfft.

  15. 5.00 [A Lambo] From A to Z (Q) [Drabble]

    Published by StrictlyKHR on 05/17/2011 in Stories

    Yay~! More Lambo goodness! This, long-ish, drabble came from roleplaying as well. I don't care what anyone thinks, but I love that little dude. His twenty-five year old self...well *whistles* not going to go there. This drabble personally is a life-saver. Most of the children I work with love this story and Lambo. Yay for Lambo~! ;D Messages won't be deleted you know...

  16. 5.00 | ? | TwistedIllusionists • Roleplay Request: Open | ? |

    Published by TwistedIllusionist on 02/01/2011 in Stories

    This'll most likely stay open. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME!!

  17. 5.00 ? KHR Drabble Challenge ? [Food: Bovino Lambo]

    Published by MarshyMallows on 12/11/2010 in Stories


  18. 5.00 -Lambo- ?lø$sø?ing? -Bovino-

    Published by HungaryHungaryHippo on 11/03/2010 in Stories

    FFFFFFF- This is pure crack.

  19. 5.00 .:These Days:. [KHR] Lambo Bovino Drabble

    Published by SIushee on 11/02/2010 in Stories

    who is it?? its lambo-desu! =3

  20. 5.00 Which Katekyo Hitman Reborn Character Are You?

    Published by IvoryForte on 08/21/2010 in Quizzes

    Do you know the manga/anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Wanna know which character's personality most resembles yours? Find out with this co-ed quiz!

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