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  1. 1.00 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Rp

    Published by bakuralover97 on 04/20/2013 in Stories

    Anyone wanna rp this message me

  2. 5.00 After 'Angelic' Should Be...

    Published by Anika0Delacruz on 12/29/2012 in Polls

  3. 0.00 The Space Faller Theory:Bakugan Chapter 1 The Fall Down

    Published by ShunKazamiBrawler on 12/28/2012 in Stories

    Character log is up and running so here is the first chapter. Please read and enjoy. :)

  4. 4.50 What are you thought as by the brawlers?

    Published by ShunKazamiBrawler on 12/09/2012 in Quizzes

  5. 5.00 A Bakugan Storie Chapter1 The Unknown Visitor

    Published by ShunKazamiBrawler on 12/07/2012 in Stories

    Have you wondered what wuold happen if Dan and Shun from the Brawlers were related?

  6. 5.00 A Night at Dan's

    Published by ShunKazamiBrawler on 12/05/2012 in Stories

    Have you ever wondered what would happen at Dan's if he had a sleep-over? Well I have put some thought into the idea and, well, here it is.

  7. 0.00 Chapter 5

    Published by gundaliangirl on 06/25/2012 in Stories

  8. 0.00 Chara info.

    Published by gundaliangirl on 06/19/2012 in Stories

  9. 0.00 Bakugan New Vestroia OC for RP redone

    Published by evee11 on 06/01/2012 in Stories


  10. 4.50 Escape chapter 6

    Published by gundaliangirl on 06/01/2012 in Stories

  11. 5.00 The Story Of Us (Ren Krawler Love Story)part 10

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/27/2012 in Stories

  12. 5.00 Escape(bakugan story)part 5

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/26/2012 in Stories

  13. 5.00 The Story Of US(Ren Krawler Love Story)part 8

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/25/2012 in Stories

  14. 5.00 Dark Air (A Shun Kazami One-Shot for liljava219)

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/24/2012 in Stories

    g.g:Hey I hope you like it!!!!!!

  15. 5.00 The Story Of Us (Ren Krawler Love Story)part 5

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/14/2012 in Stories

    ME:Hey! part 2 will be out l8r Ren:Do I get to be with Ve yet? ME:Maybe. I ain't going to spoil it.

  16. 5.00 Escape (Bakugan Story)part 3

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/04/2012 in Stories

    Shun:Am I in the story yet? Me:I'm not telling. Shun:*throws kuni at me* Me*Dodges blades*WTF

  17. 5.00 The Story Of Us (Ren Krawler Love Story)part 4

    Published by gundaliangirl on 05/04/2012 in Stories

    me:Stupid Ren! Ve:What he do? Ren:Yeah what Ve said. me:Don't play innocent! you know what you did

  18. 0.00 Bakugan oc character:What should Luke look like

    Published by gundaliangirl on 04/29/2012 in Polls

  19. 5.00 Escape(Bakugan fanfic) part2

    Published by gundaliangirl on 04/24/2012 in Stories

  20. 5.00 The Story Of Us (Ren Krawler Love Story)part 3

    Published by gundaliangirl on 04/24/2012 in Stories

    Okay you need to know that Vandalia is now 15 and Ren and Ve(Vandalia and Ve are same person if you didn't know) are no longer under cover in the Brawlers because Fabia showed up and told them the truth.

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