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  1. 5.00 One Piece Fandom

    Published by kigome17 on 05/27/2014 in Stories

    Join Spark on her adventures with her new friends! The Straw Hat Pirates!

  2. 0.00 Which Legally Blonde: The Musical Character Are You?

    Published by Mastersl on 01/31/2014 in Quizzes

    Answer these short questions and we will tell you EXACTLY which Legally Blonde: The Musical character you are!

  3. 5.00 MrsMahone74's Top 5 Bands

    Published by MrsMahone74 on 12/29/2013 in Stories

  4. 4.00 Journeys of Life Chapter 2

    Published by MangoPapaya11 on 12/08/2013 in Stories

    Chapter two of my new STORY!!!! EEEEEeeeeEEEE!!!

  5. 5.00 Everyone is Out to Get Me. Of course, What Else is New?

    Published by Marinala on 08/25/2013 in Stories

    Hi guys! this is my new story! Hope you guys like it!

  6. 5.00 New Beginning

    Published by Loveisforever22 on 08/01/2013 in Stories

    New Chapter Yaaay!

  7. 5.00 Awkward.

    Published by Loveisforever22 on 07/18/2013 in Stories

    Since you guys had patience to wait 3 months for a chapter you guys deserve another chapter .... youre welcome.

  8. 5.00 Directioners

    Published by Loveisforever22 on 07/18/2013 in Stories

    That's right im back Mofos... Thought I gave up but nope heres a new chapter and maybe a new one next week depends if I have time love yall who stayed and Extra love to the ones who left ... the Fanfic dont need you:P

  9. 4.50 Which is the best Dance Moms girl?

    Published by KenzieKisses4251 on 06/23/2013 in Polls

  10. 4.00 Who is your favorite Dance Moms girl? (Main Ones)

    Published by KathyT11 on 06/03/2013 in Polls

  11. 0.00 Bloody Secrets Chapter 13

    Published by sweetblood06 on 05/31/2013 in Stories

    So I noticed that I was using the names Ty and Trey interchangeably for one character unknowing! Well, his name is officially Tyler now and it's not changing! Sorry for the confusion! K Bye! :D

  12. 5.00 Who's the best dancer on Dance Moms?

    Published by pllfoxo on 04/25/2013 in Polls

  13. 5.00 Favorite Girl Names #2

    Published by NowImFreeFromYou on 04/13/2013 in Polls

  14. 5.00 They Call Her Love: Chapter One ~ The New Kid In Town

    Published by MorganRae1995 on 03/24/2013 in Stories

    Hello again, dearies! As you can clearly see, I have posted a kinda-sorta short but loaded Chapter One in my story, They Call Her Love. I hope you enjoy, though it may be short! xoxo, ~Morgan

  15. 5.00 Taken {Harry Styles one shot} for my friend, Brooke

    Published by xoangel on 03/21/2013 in Stories

    Here ya go, Brookie! You're Harry Styles one shot. Enjoy Brooke & directioners!!! Sorry i haven't update so much:/ guys but i'm hoping to soon! Love you guys ~B

  16. 5.00 Bloody Secrets Chapter 12

    Published by sweetblood06 on 03/09/2013 in Stories

  17. 0.00 Bloody Secrets Chapter 11

    Published by sweetblood06 on 03/09/2013 in Stories

  18. 5.00 .::Shine Bright::. Story Characters

    Published by Mystikial on 03/09/2013 in Stories

    Guys Plz Comment On How They Look!

  19. 5.00 .::Shine Bright::. Part 1

    Published by Mystikial on 03/08/2013 in Stories

    The First Part! Mssg Me And Rate!

  20. 3.00 Are you the biggest Dance Moms fan??

    Published by uniquelover124 on 02/13/2013 in Quizzes

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