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  1. 4.00 real beauty

    Published by lily1710 on 03/03/2014 in Poems

    long poem short, confidence and self love is what makes a person beautiful, not the cloths they wear

  2. 3.50 What do u sleep in

    Published by Swiftie17 on 12/26/2012 in Polls

  3. 5.00 Welcome to the Unknown~ wwyff 35

    Published by MightyKnightRaven on 10/08/2012 in Quizzes

    I didn't think I'd get this far! Yippy-hi-yo-hi-YEAHA! XD Lolz!

  4. 3.00 HEY HETALIA BOYS! HANDS OFF! (hetaliaxreader) sooo what you wearing to the PARTY!?!

    Published by jenetteroronoa on 06/04/2012 in Polls

  5. 5.00 What kind of fabric are you?

    Published by Fantasylamb on 04/14/2012 in Quizzes

    Hello everyone!!! I really hope you like this weird quiz :)

  6. 5.00 WWYFF complaints

    Published by Sweetandsmart on 04/13/2012 in Stories

    these things drive me INSANE!!! And sorry if I sound terribly mean, this needed to be said

  7. 3.25 what halloween costume are you?

    Published by katniss12345 on 03/31/2012 in Quizzes

  8. 5.00 The pain you put me through

    Published by Taras11broken11heart on 03/28/2012 in Poems

  9. 5.00 cutest outfit?

    Published by boblarrie on 03/17/2012 in Polls

  10. 2.50 How stylish are you?

    Published by crazypielover3 on 01/20/2012 in Quizzes

  11. 0.00 why me?(vampire love story)ch.7

    Published by Carolyn97 on 01/17/2012 in Stories

    heres chapter seven!!Tell me what you think

  12. 5.00 wwyff-Their all nekos and I have a stalker!? Wait what!? Part 3

    Published by DemonicRainbow66 on 09/12/2011 in Quizzes

    FINILLY PART 3!!!!!! :3 special thanks 2 BulletproofSmiles, narutoninja17, xXxXglitterDeathxXxX, XTheMythicalPrincessX, WordsAreBetterLeftUnsaid, and sunkissgem! If you messaged me about my wwyff and your name is not listed I’m sorry! Just message me again Ill list your name next time I promise! And people who are about 2 take my wwyff when u r done please rate, and message me question so I can make a Q&A later!!!! Please and thank u! ENJOY!!!! >:3 Btw the song is still Death to your Heart by BOTDF

  13. 4.50 What Asian Country are You?

    Published by TranquilShadow3206 on 08/29/2011 in Quizzes

    for one thing i'm not trying to be racist just making a quiz that i would be interested in and hopefully others... Well hope you like it! love you people! bye

  14. 3.50 What is the best type of jeens?

    Published by MadelineAR on 08/26/2011 in Polls

  15. 5.00 What I am...

    Published by Pudding429 on 06/22/2011 in Poems

    Idk, i randomly wrote this the other day :P

  16. 0.00 which clothing brand do you like the best?

    Published by coolcupcake98 on 04/14/2011 in Polls

  17. 0.00 Chained To Love (6)

    Published by bananahopper on 03/07/2011 in Stories

  18. 5.00 How do you know it will be alright?*Gerard Way*12

    Published by sammygirl19 on 02/22/2011 in Stories

    Grrrr. So bored!

  19. 4.75 How Dark Are You? girls only

    Published by Shadowhuntress123 on 02/03/2011 in Quizzes

    Lets face it, everyone has some darkness in them. Some have a ton and dont know it, some are just seeing it, and some show it. Some people have so little that they hardly know its there, but trust me, its there.

  20. 4.75 The clothes you wear (Girls:)

    Published by HaleyLovesNinja on 01/19/2011 in Quizzes

    This quiz is for anybody really. It can tell you about your style..duh(:

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