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  1. 5.00 Blood on the Dance Floor Fanfiction Help

    Published by BleachMyLife on 11/08/2013 in Polls

  2. 0.00 Truth on the Dance Floor Chp. 6

    Published by xAshTheFallenAngelx on 08/10/2013 in Stories

    So here it is finally the next chapter in my Dahvie x Jayy story :3 Sorry for the wait and i'll try to upload more frequently.

  3. 5.00 Which do you prefer? The old Jayy Von Monroe or the current one?

    Published by SallyScream on 07/18/2013 in Polls

  4. 5.00 My BOTDF Bud Part7

    Published by maralilly24 on 07/10/2013 in Stories

    sorry it took so long I kinda gave up on it and just got bored enough and finished it

  5. 3.00 Jayy Von Monroe or Dahvie Vanity

    Published by CaitliNxoMonroE on 04/02/2013 in Polls

  6. 0.00 Fast Forward

    Published by jolielovescupcakesx3 on 02/11/2013 in Stories

  7. 0.00 Questions [PART ONE]

    Published by jolielovescupcakesx3 on 01/29/2013 in Stories

  8. 5.00 Living With BOTDF

    Published by AlexaKristyna on 01/11/2013 in Stories

    Ever wonder what it would be like to live with BOTDF? Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the band? Well now you can find out. Lily is what I guess you can call extremely lucky. She gets to go on tour with Dahvie and Jayy, she gets to do most things that anyone would kill to do. This is her story on what it's really like to live with Dahvie and Jayy. *This story takes place around the time the album All The Rage was made* (c) Copyright 2013

  9. 5.00 Charter 1

    Published by TheresaVonMonroe on 01/09/2013 in Stories

    Chapter One yayyyy

  10. 5.00 Bewitched: A Jayy von monroe love story (Characters)

    Published by TheresaVonMonroe on 01/09/2013 in Stories

    This is my first story please tell me what you think about it so i will now if its good or not and/or you want make a sequel :))

  11. 0.00 My Dad Is Joey Jordison And My Boyfriend Is Dahvie Vanity|Chapter One|

    Published by YouAreACinema on 12/25/2012 in Stories

    I Really Don't Feel Like Doing A Intro Or Anything..

  12. 3.00 Botdf or Bvb? Who's better?:3

    Published by NeverShoutNeesey on 12/02/2012 in Polls

  13. 0.00 Would you Rather?....#11

    Published by Ryry622 on 11/26/2012 in Polls

  14. 0.00 How well do you know BOTDF ?

    Published by DahvieVanity69 on 11/24/2012 in Quizzes

    Exactly what the title says =^.^=

  15. 5.00 What Should My Profile Picture look like?

    Published by Ryry622 on 11/11/2012 in Polls

  16. 3.00 Rainbow Highlights ~ Dahvie Vanity Short Story / Oneshot

    Published by PhantomhiveAndTrancy on 10/13/2012 in Stories

    This is just a boredim eraser, as in i was bored, listening to BOTDF, and needed to do something. xD

  17. 0.00 Incomplete And All Alone Chap 4

    Published by MyApocalypse666 on 09/08/2012 in Stories

  18. 0.00 Incomplete And All Alone Chap 3

    Published by MyApocalypse666 on 09/08/2012 in Stories

  19. 4.00 what song should you listen to

    Published by BambiLynn15 on 08/28/2012 in Quizzes

  20. 4.50 Show Her Your Lightsaber! Dahvie Vanity One Shot

    Published by AngelwithBlackHalo1997 on 08/23/2012 in Stories

    Heyyy!! Saphira here! Sorry I didn't post this sooner but I hope you like it snowball! :) Let me know what you think! ~Saphira Sapphire

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