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  1. 5.00 World War Two . Dark Hetalia Roleplay Rules & Character. { Arie Monroe }

    Published by AnywhereWrong on 06/06/2014 in Stories

    Dark Hetalia rolePlay rules & roleplay character. CODE: TaintedLove

  2. 0.00 Would I date you? (I'm a straight girl)

    Published by POManiac on 03/05/2014 in Quizzes

    Bored, and lonely. Hence this quiz.

  3. 0.00 Feel Like Flirting?

    Published by POManiac on 03/05/2014 in Quizzes

    I'm a straight girl, 16, and feel like flirting. ;)

  4. 4.25 Democrat, Republican, Or Liberatarian?

    Published by cooldudebro on 03/01/2014 in Quizzes

  5. 5.00 Time is Short: Naruto drabble

    Published by Glowstick12 on 02/21/2014 in Stories

  6. 4.00 Losing Control - A Fable 3 Logan Story (Part 3)

    Published by SexyDemonic on 02/05/2014 in Stories

  7. 4.00 What's the worst thing about high school??????

    Published by FreekyShinyThings on 01/05/2014 in Polls

  8. 0.00 hetalia:parody style-where did they come from?

    Published by datmidnaquiz on 12/05/2013 in Stories

    Japan has a question for ancient rome!warning a bit dirty


    Published by Queengeek288 on 10/19/2013 in Stories

  10. 5.00 can you help me ?

    Published by mecool2010 on 10/12/2013 in Stories

  11. 5.00 Whats your favorite D12 song?

    Published by Lundy245 on 07/29/2013 in Polls

  12. 2.00 want a gf? (only guys)

    Published by goaliegirl418 on 07/26/2013 in Quizzes

  13. 2.00 Do you wash your hands after going to the toilet?

    Published by Slowjocrow on 07/24/2013 in Polls


    Published by Robinbeyallday on 07/06/2013 in Stories

  15. 5.00 Sex might be good, but an Addiction isn't... {Chapter 6}

    Published by Maygee18 on 06/20/2013 in Stories

    It's hard to believe Amy ever was in rehab. Or that she ever thought she could live happily without her addiction. Now she's full fledged indulging herself in it, and taking her best friend with her. Megan has to prove herself worthy of being part of this club. Taking on three tasks that she never dreamed she would ever do. Amy helps her and with the help of another person, they don't just complete them, but enjoy it as well.

  16. 3.50 Yo Mama...

    Published by xXxTimeBombxXx on 06/17/2013 in Stories

    by my best friend, Tyler :) I LOVE YOU TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (caution: some jokes are racist, judgmental, dirty, inappropriate, and mean) only read if you just want a good laugh, dont read if you get offended easily. none of these mean anything and it is your choice if you want to read it or not.

  17. 3.75 WANTED: Friend for fun roleplays ;)

    Published by Nerd4Flobberworm on 05/25/2013 in Quizzes

    Hey :) I'm just looking for someone who'd like to do a bit of... roleplaying with me ;) I like to do /all sorts/ of things ;) Take the quiz and send me a message ;) xx

  18. 4.00 Do Your Dirty Deeds Quietly

    Published by PKpoet on 05/21/2013 in Poems

  19. 5.00 Do you pick your nose?

    Published by jfm1144 on 05/12/2013 in Polls

  20. 5.00 Remedies for damaged hair~

    Published by beautybuzz101 on 04/06/2013 in Stories

    Okay girls, we all at one point use heat on our hair. I ussually use heat to impress that special someone ;) After much testing I found a treatment that will keep my hair healthy and strong even when I try to impress that special guy ;)

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