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  1. 5.00 After I Die, I'll Re-Awake: Chapter 2

    Published by Abeque on 01/20/2014 in Stories

    Second chapter. Read this on Fanfiction.net at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9341250/1/After-I-Die-I-ll-Re-Awake. My FF.N is https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4653684/Abequa.

  2. 5.00 After I Die, I'll Re-Awake: Chapter 1

    Published by Abeque on 01/20/2014 in Stories

    Dave Strider has woken up from a coma after being asleep for three years. He has no memories about his friends, his family or his life. The only thing he can remember is playing a game called SBURB.

  3. 0.00 Which Homestuck Character do you type like?

    Published by Akuru on 10/15/2013 in Quizzes

    I just got this idea and created it on a whim. It's unusually simple and kinda incomplete, because I could not include all characters - well that would have been insane. You can get at least 16 of them, so I hope you have fun anyway :)

  4. 5.00 ⓘllness ♨ john egbert

    Published by Acapetley on 08/18/2013 in Stories

    for my 1OO theme challenge on DA. friendship drabble u v u i absolutely hate how the icon goes to the left/right and not the middle ! worst. formatting. ever.

  5. 0.00 Which of the homestuck humans are you most like?

    Published by ectoGodhead on 07/28/2013 in Quizzes

    It's short and sweet, only seven questions!

  6. 5.00 Schoolstuck Member Story Project!

    Published by AssassinsDen on 07/18/2013 in Stories

    Want to join it? Join up as www.assassinsden.net and follow the link listed below!

  7. 1.00 Homestuck: SBURB the new session

    Published by splashedshiny22 on 06/29/2013 in Stories

    Kitt Egbert, the new generation of the Egbert family, discovers a deep secret her father was hiding...

  8. 5.00 101 Prompt Challenge: 54 [Sταrs] John Egbert

    Published by emmytastic on 06/04/2013 in Stories

    Stargazing! John x Reader: Fluff. [=

  9. 0.00 Which Homestuck BetaBoy has a better GodTier form?

    Published by JaydenNitram on 05/12/2013 in Polls

  10. 5.00 Bunny Kisses (John Egbert x Reader)

    Published by heatmiser on 03/24/2013 in Stories

    Now that I'm getting into Homestuck, I actually have the patience to try and read it each day. I have a major thing for the derpy boy, actually. I'm sure that others out there like him as much as I do. So here's one lovely fanfic for all Egbert fangirls/fanboys to enjoy.


    Published by anime4life4 on 03/13/2013 in Polls

  12. 5.00 homestuck drabble- fishing

    Published by anime4life4 on 03/13/2013 in Stories

    very friendly and good for all ages!

  13. 5.00 Homestuck OC

    Published by Deathnote674 on 02/10/2013 in Quizzes

  14. 0.00 Prospit or Derse?

    Published by DirkBroStrider on 02/10/2013 in Polls

  15. 0.00 Which is your favorite Trickster in HOMESTUCK?

    Published by DirkBroStrider on 02/03/2013 in Polls

  16. 5.00 Favorite character in Guidestuck?

    Published by DirkBroStrider on 02/03/2013 in Polls

  17. 5.00 How well do you know HOMESTUCK?

    Published by DirkBroStrider on 02/03/2013 in Quizzes

  18. 0.00 Favorite Kid in HOMESTUCK?

    Published by DirkBroStrider on 02/03/2013 in Polls

  19. 5.00 Do you read Homestuck?

    Published by haseokite on 01/21/2013 in Polls

  20. 5.00 Whose your favorite Homestuck Character?

    Published by AzureFlames on 01/03/2013 in Polls

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