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  1. 5.00 " ςиσωвαℓℓ " ςαвακυ иσ ɢααяα

    Published by XRedRobinX on 07/30/2014 in Stories

    1/5 prize for izzy832 || [Gaara x Male!Reader] with the genre of Fluff mixed with humor. Prompt: 'Snowball fight.' Hope your like it!

  2. 5.00 ❝тнє sтяυɢɢℓє❞ → Eren Yeager

    Published by SugaredCoffee on 05/01/2014 in Stories

    Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan-- (Eren Yeager x Female Reader) Failed Smut & Comedy ... Please Enjoy ♥


    Published by SugaredCoffee on 05/01/2014 in Stories

    Kuroko no Basket-- (Akashi Seijuro x Female Reader) For some strange reason, I just imagine that Akashi-sama has the possibility of being scary in a relationship, maybe threatening if he doesn't get his way. Weird right? ^u^ But I still love him! Please Enjoy ♥

  4. 5.00 【iPod Shuffle → Challenge】

    Published by bbambam on 04/26/2014 in Stories

    the challenge seemed fun so I wanted to try it, lol. not to mention it'll help me get back into writing. keke (deaththekidxxxx) is gonna be doing the challenge too so you guys should go check hers out as well~ and I managed to find a way around the captcha problem: use internet explorer -_- seriously quizilla needs some serious fixing

  5. 5.00 ♦◊Blurred Visions◊♦ ►Zero Kiryu◄

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 04/10/2014 in Stories

    Reader x Zero (Vampire Knight). I recently started watching Vampire Knight again because I just missed that anime and thus my love for Zero revived. XD I had forgotten how likeable he is so I came up with this ficlet/oneshot with a mood of some slight comedy/romance/implied smut? 8D This is my fourth entry to AppleLovingShinigami’s contest: Paint it RED—ENJOY!

  6. 5.00 тяєαѕυяє ✗ Death the Kid

    Published by littlehoneybee on 04/07/2014 in Stories

    Death the Kid x Reader. Genre: Romance. Inspired by the song Treasure by Bruno Mars!

  7. 5.00 тσ ѕтαят α ωαя ✗ Natsu Dragneel

    Published by littlehoneybee on 04/07/2014 in Stories

    Natsu Dragneel x Reader. And once again we have another hybrid! Too long for to be called a ficlet, too short to be a one-shot! What can ya do? *shrugs*

  8. 5.00 ԍσσ∂ ԍιяℓ ✗ Natsu Dragneel

    Published by littlehoneybee on 04/07/2014 in Stories

    Natsu Dragneel x Reader. This is uh... long for a ficlet? But also short for a one-shot. So let's call it a hybrid! Anyways inspiration was taken from the song We're Going Home by Drake!

  9. 5.00 ﻬCounting Time With Youﻬ*TYL! Yamamoto Takeshi*{Ficlet} for FearForFight

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 04/06/2014 in Stories

    Reader x TYL!Yamamoto Takeshi (KHR). Angsty-fluff mood setting. Sorry it took me long to post this! Quizilla has a little glitch and takes forever to load pages-I don’t know if it’s the same to all you ‘zillians? I’m only posting on here for my requesters but my NEW account is on Wattpad, combined with Dead2Perfection: http://www.wattpad.com/user/AllBeautyDestroyed...Anywho, enjoy!

  10. 5.00 яєqυєѕт! ∂αттєвαуσ! – Ⓢⓣⓐⓣⓤⓢ: OPEN

    Published by XLilyChanX on 04/01/2014 in Stories

    Please read everything before requesting!

  11. 5.00 вυяη νιcтιм ✗ Natsu Dragneel

    Published by littlehoneybee on 03/31/2014 in Stories

    Natsu Dragneel x Reader. Genre: Romance. The level of infatuation I have for him is getting out of hand. Someone come save me *drowns in photos of Natsu Dragneel*

  12. 5.00 ;::over you ::; sasu ke u c hiha

    Published by MissRebelle on 03/29/2014 in Stories

    Not satisfied at all with this. Oh well. Workin' on the next chap for WB, don't worry lovelies.|| Sasuke Uchiha x Implied!FemReader || Genre: Angstish || Words: 805 || Setting: Ninja World || Rated: PG || Prompt: Over You - Daughtry || Note: Pics to come when I get around to editting this xx

  13. 5.00 ♚ѕтocĸнolм ➁ orιнara ιzaya♚

    Published by XOXbrokenAnimedreamsXOX on 03/26/2014 in Stories

    Here is the second chapter to my story! Izaya X reader || There is another version of this story on fanfiction.net that I published, only it's with an OC instead of a reader insert. so if you prefer that please go visit that story :) r&m ~~ I hope you all enjoy.

  14. 5.00 ☪♬Her First Dance♬☪ ►Edward Midford◄

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 03/25/2014 in Stories

    Reader x Edward Midford (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji). I just enjoy writing for him-he is just so adorable! XD Too bad he is not very well known in Quizilla. D8> But here’s for those Midford fangirls. ;D! Third entry to AppleLovingShinigami’s contest: Paint it RED! Enjoy! :D

  15. 5.00 нєяσ ✗ Levi/Rivaille

    Published by littlehoneybee on 03/23/2014 in Stories

    Levi/Rivaille x Reader. Genre: Romance, heroic. This was based off of the Miguel song, Hero! Enjoy (:

  16. 5.00 ❀Guilty Pleasures❀►Sebastian Michaelis◄

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 03/17/2014 in Stories

    Reader x Sebastian(Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji). Second entry to AppleLovingShinigami’s Contest: Paint It RED! :D I loved writing this ficlet/oneshot since I brainstormed this idea while at the Dog Park with my dog. XD This also a Modern AU! I would say what the mood is but if I do, it may give away the story. I will say that there is slight lust. ;D So read on and find out. Enjoy! ^3^!

  17. 5.00 ωнv ωє ℓινє ✗ Edward Elric

    Published by littlehoneybee on 03/15/2014 in Stories

    Edward Elric x Reader || Genre: Angst, tragedy || Saw another quote and just had to make something of it. I think my creativity has been poo lately so I'm sorry if these aren't good. Hopefully my mojo will pick back up soon!

  18. 5.00 ღEternal Loveღ ►Germany ◄

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 03/15/2014 in Stories

    Reader x Germany *Ludwig*(Axis Powers Hetalia). AU!Modern with mood setting to romance/fluff and superb ANGST. Prompt is: Marriage and I AM a newlywed so I felt as if this was in my comfortable zone to write for. ^3^ First entry to AppleLovingShinigami's contest: Paint It Red. Enjoy! :D

  19. 5.00 тσ ѕℓαу α ∂яαԍση ✗ Levi/Rivaille

    Published by littlehoneybee on 03/14/2014 in Stories

    Levi/Rivaille x Reader. I saw this quote on tumblr and I just HAD to use it for a drabble or something, and this is what I came up with! I hope you enjoy (:

  20. 5.00 ஐCookie Crumblesஐ (Drabble Series [36]): Sebastian Michaelis

    Published by Yesisoto93 on 03/13/2014 in Stories

    Reader x Sebastian(Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji). Mood: Humor with the demon butler. :P I had fun typing this up so I hope my readers enjoy it as well. :3

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