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  1. 0.00 one direction story

    Published by holmesa123 on 05/23/2013 in Stories

    hey guys been thinking for a while to make a story so decided to do it today:) hope you like it! amber x:)

  2. 5.00 you cant hurt me, im already dead. a wwyff, part 1

    Published by narwalkitten15 on 03/03/2013 in Quizzes

    HEEEEEEEEEY, IM BAAAACCCCCKKKKK. sorry for the uncessisary absense but im back baby and im here to stay. everything is explained in my journal so go ahead and check it out, oh and if u havent read my intro this will make absoulutly no sense, special thanks to swagamuffin and Gen399, the massages mean alot, ^.^

  3. 5.00 the i don't know what quiz to make, quiz!

    Published by BrettsCartoons on 01/31/2013 in Quizzes

    Years ago, in a time once forgotten.... (roughly 3 years ago :P) i made an account on this. now back then i was a lonley soul, and made a date quiz thing. I aint making one them XD i recon we should chatt and stuff before anything is decided :P so anyways lets have a fun quiz for laughs

  4. 5.00 mind over bloodlust- first bite (the fanticy part 2)

    Published by dotdotdot1234567890 on 01/25/2013 in Stories

  5. 0.00 i remember

    Published by holmesa123 on 11/19/2012 in Lyrics

    this is my first lyrics so don't say anything bad maybe give me some tips?

  6. 3.75 who wants to be my friend?

    Published by NatalyeNicole on 11/08/2012 in Polls

  7. 5.00 what is your favourite fantasy world/ place?

    Published by hollybushesrspiky on 09/28/2012 in Polls

  8. 3.75 Which country is your best fit?

    Published by hollybushesrspiky on 09/28/2012 in Quizzes

  9. 0.00 Hey do you think ma poems r good? (and cn u please mesage me...if u want... and tell me ur fav, what u dnt like, liked etc)

    Published by LoveSam98 on 09/19/2012 in Polls

  10. 4.00 Random quiz

    Published by lolliepopfan12 on 09/03/2012 in Quizzes

    Hey this is just a random quiz so try it and see what you get

  11. 5.00 11. who would you become best friends with

    Published by hetaliafan1214 on 08/22/2012 in Stories

    part 11

  12. 5.00 How well do you know skrillex?

    Published by Samthefame on 08/02/2012 in Quizzes

  13. 4.00 untitle

    Published by LoveSam98 on 07/24/2012 in Poems

    i was just thinking about ma fav/worst ex and came up w this on the spot...so yeah

  14. 5.00 I'm engaged to be married ... (1)

    Published by Fnax21 on 06/28/2012 in Stories


  15. 4.75 Would you be my friend?

    Published by xXxOnix1234xXx on 06/11/2012 in Quizzes

    Well...Would you For boys and girls!

  16. 4.00 how dare you

    Published by lunagril on 05/21/2012 in Poems

  17. 4.50 Scarlet eyes

    Published by lunagril on 04/12/2012 in Poems

    to a close freind. who takes their words to far

  18. 5.00 I'ma what???? I thought i was just a normal girl!!!(4)

    Published by Fnax21 on 04/02/2012 in Stories

    Here it is chapter 4!!!! Hopefully you enjoy it please rate on this story and also chapter 3 I forgot to write that in my last chapter.

  19. 5.00 How Good of a Friend Are You?

    Published by kikiowanna123 on 04/01/2012 in Quizzes

    This is dedicated to rundooz207. Thanks for helping me with life!!! I really appreciate it!!! You're the best!!! Just wanted the whole world to know how great you are!!

  20. 4.50 Your heart or soul, give up one, which will you choose?

    Published by DisarrayAmI on 02/01/2012 in Poems

    My boyfreind is demanding that i stop talking to my ex...

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