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  1. 5.00 {{((Ferard}})) Nothin' To Lose\\No Goody Two Shoes ((Frerard))\\

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 05/02/2008 in Stories

    Okay so this is a one of a kind ferard, if you can guess the song of this story, then I'll give you a hug!

  2. 4.00 What is your faction?

    Published by kuroganek1 on 04/29/2008 in Quizzes

    These are factions for deus ex and stalker (when clear sky comes out, the title will be "what is your faction 2?"

  3. 5.00 Disorden. it's purged.. [classroom tactics]

    Published by ardentxinstereo on 04/27/2008 in Poems

    it looks long. But if you've every experienced an eating disorder of any kind you might just be able to see how it makes sense.

  4. 0.00 20 THINGS I HATE!!

    Published by Ox.In.The.Darkness.xO on 04/21/2008 in Quizzes

    Message? rate?

  5. 5.00 Boys Will {Mikey And Gerard One Shot} Be Boys

    Published by Rainbows---x on 04/17/2008 in Stories

    Someone emailed me this and it amused me a lot OOH! ROZI EMAILED ME THIS! In need of a good read? Disco Is Dead

  6. 4.75 Zacky Vengeance \ Carpe Diem [v1]

    Published by BeautifulxDisasterx3 on 04/13/2008 in Stories

    AShadz.Layouts I decided that I wanted to start fresh, so I deleted almost all of my picked creations and two past stories that I haven't updated in forever. I'm looking forward to updating this story however, whenever I get the chance. I still haven't decided if it's going to be a strung out story, or a short one with a couple of parts to it. Send me some feedback and tell me what I should do.

  7. 0.00 Happy Are We?

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 04/12/2008 in Stories

    I made this ...just for yous!

  8. 5.00 {Iero} They Hurt Me Too {Way} 0013 [END]

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 04/12/2008 in Stories

    Layout and Code (C): Just_Our_Little_Secret This is the end of this story! And I shall give thanks in results so go there! There will be an epilog(sp?) so stay tunned for that! please hope you enjoyed this series. A very unexpected ending. Remeber next time you utter the words....They hurt me too

  9. 5.00 Dont fuck up

    Published by wtfarab on 04/07/2008 in Stories

    Just got into writing yesterday as this is being written. This was my "warm-up" project.

  10. 5.00 [Frank Iero] Burning Flames and Pretend Games [Gerard & Mikey Way]

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 04/05/2008 in Stories

    So I don't know if any of you got Comcast cable or know what Fearnet is but if you want go to wwww.Fearnet.com because this story is based on the short little skit called Happy Birthday 2 U. It's in spanish so I'm not sure I got the plot down but it's a great movie thing! Check it out! Just gon say I know most my stories have slash in them but this one really doesn't. I guess it could be waycest but not quite. Frerard, yet subtle (sp?) Well *clears throat* on with the fuckin showing the road game! Jrock.l

  11. 0.00 Angels Fuck and devils kiss

    Published by lollirot53 on 04/04/2008 in Stories

    okay so i am planing on making a story about...well sumthing related to this video.

  12. 5.00 OneSmileToChangeItAll~origainalslash~

    Published by brokenemogirl918 on 04/04/2008 in Stories

    Ill put pics up next time.

  13. 4.00 A Few Words From Debbie Dixon

    Published by darkflash26 on 03/31/2008 in Quizzes

    My math teacher, Mrs. Thayne, was out for the first semester of the school year cause she had her kid. So this lady named Mrs.(Debbie)Dixon was our substitute. She didn't really teach us anything. Except these few quotes and stuff. They're kinda funny, but our class is waay behind. Click on everything then read all of her funny sayings!

  14. 0.00 Revenge

    Published by simple-sarcastic.sky on 03/30/2008 in Poems

    Pissed at my mom. Again.

  15. 0.00 Invisible

    Published by simple-sarcastic.sky on 03/30/2008 in Poems

    My mom was being a bitch, as usual, so this came out.

  16. 5.00 would u fuck me

    Published by colemonster123 on 03/29/2008 in Quizzes

    READ THIS FIRST if u live near el toro or go there message me if u want too have the best sex of your choice ever staight and im 15 so dont worry

  17. 5.00 [Ferard]~_~ Everthing You Want ~_~ ~_~_~_~ {oneshot} [Frerard

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 03/28/2008 in Stories

    Okay, another song inspired onshot, again ferard, can't help it! thanks! LAAP!

  18. 5.00 <I>[Gerard\Mikey] Your Exsistence [waycest] 008<\I>

    Published by I.want.her.love. on 03/28/2008 in Stories

    Bob-Ate-Evil-Poptarts Well, as you all know this is a very unlikely waycest and stuff and have been awaiting my continuation of this story. Well, you can thank Carmen for that. She is a beauty who deserves more then this and a lotta other people who've messaged me i love you! also dealayed love to mylifeisfullofnothing if i got that username correctly for picking my shit all the fucking time! message me if you see this, i'd love to talk to you! thankies LAAP ya'll as i always quote myself saying! *clears t

  19. 5.00 I can't get you outta my mind [6] Cookies

    Published by LilacRoth-69Eyes on 03/26/2008 in Stories

    Sowwy... my mouse broke... I've had this ready since Monday...

  20. 4.00 Grade 8 sex scandal

    Published by cassiepandora on 03/21/2008 in Stories

    what will Trinetty do, when she finds out what he really wants from her?

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