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  1. 5.00 Role Play Request!

    Published by ActorsOnStage on 08/08/2014 in Stories

    role play/rp/role play request :D

  2. 3.50 Which International Soccer Team Is Your Favorite?

    Published by AngelBear12 on 04/08/2014 in Polls

  3. 5.00 What Army Will You Lead?

    Published by ppmipx on 02/07/2014 in Quizzes

    This is my first quiz ;) so I'm sorry if it's not perfect :) The scenario is: You are tasked with scouting and later-on, possibly conquering a newly-discovered planet on the fringe of the galaxy. What (interstellar, movie) army will you bring with you?

  4. 5.00 Which Marvel Film (2014) are you Looking Forward to?

    Published by xxiicoko on 01/04/2014 in Polls

  5. 5.00 Your favorite book(s)

    Published by Pippin1516 on 12/28/2013 in Polls

  6. 0.00 Three Years Later

    Published by Koolbeat1109 on 12/15/2013 in Poems

    My motion sometimes establishes communication with the universe.

  7. 5.00 Iphone 5s or Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

    Published by sayakiss on 12/09/2013 in Polls

  8. 4.50 On the Vastness of the Universe

    Published by maggi3magpi3 on 11/26/2013 in Poems

    Let me know what you think of this poem! I love hearing from you guys:)

  9. 5.00 *Love Is Love, 54 (boyxboy)

    Published by nOstalgiCseLveS on 10/28/2013 in Stories

    Ugh, Quizilla didn't publish this the first time around. Girls' Generation "Galaxy Supernova" and Tiny-G's "Miss You" are SUCH catchy songs!!! And while I'm on a Korean-themed thread, I also came across this Korean movie called "A Frozen Flower". It's got a homosexual theme. I can't wait to watch it! "Antique Bakery" is a good gay-themed Korean movie that I've watched (although it's not all about the gayness). Love that movie. Thanks for reading!!!

  10. 3.75 Favorite Book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy?

    Published by aubades on 09/08/2013 in Polls

  11. 5.00 How much do you know about space?

    Published by STS135 on 07/26/2013 in Quizzes

    This is a fun test of your knowledge about space!

  12. 5.00 Super Mario galaxy OC: Maria

    Published by primelover99 on 07/09/2013 in Poems

    Here is my OC for Super Mario galaxy rp. Comment and rate, hope you like it.

  13. 0.00 Galaxy S4 Deals - Anticipated Phone of Next Generation

    Published by crissheddly on 07/03/2013 in Stories

    Thus, Galaxy S4 is not only a fast running smart phone but also a small size super power tablet that make you computing tasks easy. Moreover, deals add much attraction with this handset to lower the amount of huge expenses spend on mobile bill.

  14. 4.50 The Library Of Everything

    Published by RavenMouseLark on 06/28/2013 in Stories

    This is more an idea than a story.

  15. 5.00 The Final Frontier...

    Published by spaceishellacool on 06/11/2013 in Quizzes

  16. 5.00 What is Your Command in Star Fleet?

    Published by Sillhouettes on 05/26/2013 in Quizzes

    Can you explore the stars with the U.S.S. Enterprise? Are you a Captain, engineer, medical officer, deckhand, communications officer or security officer?

  17. 0.00 Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals - Finest Smart Featured Mobile

    Published by crissheddly on 05/24/2013 in Stories

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is a multi-featured smart phone that takes the level of communication and entertainment to a higher extent. This gadget is modified enough to perform computing tasks also that makes it ideal choice for business as well as for personal use.

  18. 5.00 What Phone are You?

    Published by thefunone5 on 05/18/2013 in Quizzes

    What kind of phone are you?

  19. 4.75 Could you survive my planet?

    Published by thecrazykitty on 03/13/2013 in Quizzes

    A lot of people don't know this, but I am not an Earthling. Could you survive my home planet?

  20. 4.50 IPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3

    Published by Msprolls on 02/13/2013 in Polls

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