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  1. 5.00 ZaGr Ch. 1

    Published by ppg01 on 12/04/2013 in Stories

    I've gotten better at writing stories! Yay!! ZaGr stands for Zim and Gaz romance, or in other words, either Zim falls for Gaz or vice versa. please be a rater, don' be a hater. :) ~Z

  2. 5.00 Geordie Shore OC

    Published by whowants2live4ever on 07/24/2013 in Stories

  3. 5.00 How well do you know Invader Zim?

    Published by splashedshiny22 on 06/10/2013 in Quizzes

  4. 4.25 What Invader Zim Character are you?

    Published by Isotrap on 05/23/2013 in Quizzes

    Take this quiz to find out if you're most like Gaz, Dib, GIR, or Zim.

  5. 5.00 Which Invader Zim character are you?

    Published by Eratoclio on 05/20/2013 in Quizzes

    Are you most like Zim, GIR, Gaz, or Dib?

  6. 4.75 Which Invader Zim character are you?

    Published by Eratoclio on 05/19/2013 in Quizzes

    Are you most like Zim, GIR, Gaz, or Dib?

  7. 5.00 Who are you from Invader Zim?

    Published by RainbowAsphyxilation on 03/23/2013 in Quizzes

    The title says it...

  8. 5.00 Dib's Revenge (Invader Zim)

    Published by xxRobotUnicornxx on 02/04/2013 in Stories

    Yay! Dib! Dib is my favorite character in Invader Zim. I also don't really like it when people fangirl about GIR. GIR is not the only character you know!!! This story is mostly about Dib and how awesome he really is. There's also Zim in this story though his fate isn't as nice. (I will describe Zim's sorrow for GIR in another story!!!)

  9. 3.50 What Invader Zim character are you?

    Published by AnimeVampire097 on 02/03/2013 in Quizzes

    What Invader Zim character are you? You could be Zim, Gir, Dib, Tak, or Gaz. Take this quiz to find out!! :) (FYI if you don't watch Invader Zim, you won't understand this quiz very much)

  10. 4.75 Does Zim like you???

    Published by InvaderDarkness on 12/30/2012 in Quizzes

    Nyeh. I was bored.

  11. 5.00 Who is Your Favorite in Invader Zim ?

    Published by InvaderDarkness on 12/27/2012 in Polls

  12. 3.50 Which Invader Zim Character are You?

    Published by InvaderTrisha on 11/03/2012 in Quizzes

  13. 4.75 Do you REALLY know Invader Zim?

    Published by annikathegreat1 on 10/08/2012 in Quizzes

    Some people say that they just LOOOOOOOOVE invader Zim, BUT do they really? Find out here, filthy human worms!!!

  14. 5.00 INVADER ∀ʌ∀¡ ❤ [2]

    Published by omphaloskepsis on 08/09/2012 in Stories

    Dedicated to 123angel321 for messaging. :) Thank you ever so much~!

  15. 4.75 Invader zim! 7 minutes in heavan

    Published by Penguinn598 on 07/19/2012 in Quizzes

    Ok so zim held a party, wanting to be "normal". Wether you wanted to or not, you went, and everyone was there, even Dib! A classmate suggested a game of 7 minutes in heavan and you got dragged into it, and now you have to play! This is my first quiz, so be nice!

  16. 5.00 The Ultimate Invader Zim Test of DOOM!

    Published by ObeyTheBunny on 07/18/2012 in Quizzes

    Do you THINK you know the amazing and doomful show Invader ZIM? Let's see if you're as smart as you think you are. Hehehehehe....

  17. 4.00 Dib's Irken Princess Ch.2

    Published by HyugasGirl on 07/17/2012 in Stories

    I already said that The stuff was J.V's. And I don't like repeating myself...

  18. 5.00 ZaGr/DaTr Oneshot

    Published by viva8toast on 07/09/2012 in Stories

    Gaz might be a little OOC, but I got Tohru556's stamp of approval on this one, so it should be pretty good. Although the end might be a tiny bit angsty. Blame my inner emo, not me.

  19. 5.00 Which Invader Zim pairing is the very best?

    Published by viva8toast on 06/30/2012 in Polls

  20. 4.00 Which Invader Zim Character are you?

    Published by viva8toast on 06/29/2012 in Quizzes

    Different questions from Tohru556's version (which I co-wrote), but same results. Contains OC's.

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