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  1. 0.00 Have you read the Enderverse books

    Published by boolovesjellalxxx on 02/18/2014 in Polls

  2. 0.00 Have you read the Enderverse books

    Published by boolovesjellalxxx on 02/18/2014 in Polls

  3. 5.00 The Frozen Rose - Chapter 22

    Published by MaidenFrost on 01/16/2014 in Stories

    I'm sorry it's been so long. Writers block and such. Thanks to all that messaged me. You are literally the only reason I found any inspiration to write this chapter, I'm not going to lie. I hope you all enjoy. :) And please excuse any typos because I wrote this out then it deleted and I had to rewrite it and... yep there may or may not be mistakes in there. -MaidenFrost

  4. 4.50 Loki: The King of Asgard

    Published by AetherChild on 01/07/2014 in Stories

    Chapter 2: A new prince is born.

  5. 4.00 James and The Giant Peach

    Published by AngelFangs3604 on 11/24/2013 in Quizzes

  6. 3.00 Order of the Stick: Which Order member are you?

    Published by SylvanAuctor on 11/10/2013 in Quizzes

    The characters of Rich Burlew's popular webcomic "Order of the Stick" have diverse personalities. Which one are you? ------------------ "Order of the Stick" is written by Rich Burlew and can be read at Giant in the Playground Games.

  7. 3.00 Are you a Fairy or a Giant?

    Published by wolfbabygirl1 on 09/25/2013 in Quizzes

    Here is anther quiz for you all. Hope you enjoy it.

  8. 5.00 Would You Survive a Godzilla Attack?

    Published by Nickyjoet on 08/10/2013 in Quizzes

    Would you survive? Or would you be one of the many to be stepped on by a green foot, swept away by a green tail, or turned to dust by a blue atomic blast? Find out!

  9. 4.00 What Land of the Giants character are you?

    Published by CraftyLop on 08/10/2013 in Quizzes

    I have no idea... But just a little fun quiz!! :D

  10. 0.00 Winds of Change ({Jack the Giant Slayer}) Warm Welcome ~1~

    Published by knightgurl on 08/06/2013 in Stories

    Re-Done again ...

  11. 0.00 what hetalia character are you?

    Published by fearlessfrisbee on 06/20/2013 in Quizzes

  12. 5.00 Winds of Change ({Jack the Giant Slayer}) Intro

    Published by knightgurl on 06/20/2013 in Stories

    I know I shouldn't have started another one, but I swear I will update my other ones as well. Well ... if anyone's got any other ideas for this one, please message me, or review ... either or would be awesome >.> ...

  13. 5.00 What animal/creature do you want to be

    Published by Bren12310 on 06/17/2013 in Polls

  14. 5.00 Heart and Soul: Kanto Beginnings - Chapter twenty six

    Published by whitetigerG on 04/30/2013 in Stories

    Island of the Giant Pokemon.

  15. 5.00 Jack The Giant Slayer OC

    Published by DaughterofAnarchy on 04/28/2013 in Stories

    Just thought I would throw this out there, just saw the movie tonight. Ewan is lovely.

  16. 4.00 Here's a good question if you know your film history... Which came first? King Kong or Godzilla?

    Published by XenoKiryu on 04/18/2013 in Polls

  17. 5.00 Legend of Skyrim: The Tale of Aranath Chapter 2

    Published by LazyJay on 04/04/2013 in Stories

    sorry i didn't post yesterday got a little writers block- Jay

  18. 4.50 ❦ Which Godzilla faction do you side with?

    Published by XenoKiryu on 03/23/2013 in Quizzes

    ❧ There are 4 factions battling for the sake of the Earth, each faction holding their own significant goal for it's future: Earth defenders, Alien, Mutant, and Global defense force. Find out what side you're playing for and their goals.

  19. 5.00 I Jack the Giant Slayer OC I ::Lorelle Baker::

    Published by Hyperkitty55 on 03/11/2013 in Stories

    I just saw this movie on Saturday, and I quite enjoyed it. I just couldn't help making an OC for it! Fun Fact: Originally she looked completely different, but after finding this picture, I decided to change it.

  20. 5.00 Over The Boarderline

    Published by thecrazykitty on 03/05/2013 in Stories

    The story you are about to hear may be true, though the names used are not the same if the story is to be taken seriously.

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