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  1. 5.00 Which Game Grump are you?

    Published by Matthewasaurus on 01/20/2014 in Quizzes

  2. 5.00 21 jump street

    Published by dumbcomputer on 12/25/2013 in Quizzes

  3. 5.00 21 Jumpstreet, chapter 5. Toni's Birthday.

    Published by Penutbutterpickles on 04/18/2013 in Stories

    Like I said in a recent post of my Journal, this is going to be in 3rd person P.O.V. Here goes nothin'.

  4. 3.50 Do you know the band Hanson?

    Published by FSU101 on 04/13/2013 in Polls

  5. 0.00 Carry You There

    Published by FSU101 on 04/13/2013 in Lyrics

  6. 0.00 One-shot request form! **EDITED VERSION**

    Published by EmeraldCityDowntownGirl on 12/03/2012 in Stories

    I'm a dumb ass.

  7. 3.00 What's your favorite 90's boy band?

    Published by MirandaRose96 on 10/17/2012 in Polls

  8. 5.00 One-Shot {Kevin Hanson} Luckiest Man on Earth~for:xxWoeIsMusicxx

    Published by DietofCatsandTacos on 09/01/2012 in Stories

    There's a mini scene with jealous Austin, but not really. I hope you like it c:

  9. 4.50 Which Johnny Depp character are you?

    Published by ShamoneBrandi on 07/03/2012 in Quizzes

    Are you Tom Hanson, Cry-Baby, Edward Scissorhands, Sam, Gilbert Grape, Don Juan DeMarco, Sheldon Sands, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mort Rainey, Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd or Barnabas Collins? Find out here!

  10. 0.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part nineteen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 05/14/2012 in Stories

    The Oasis/Rooster game is over, Oasis won though the Roosters cheated.

  11. 5.00 Do You think he is a hunk?

    Published by mert1998 on 05/08/2012 in Polls

  12. 0.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part eighteen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 04/22/2012 in Stories

    You, Annette, Teddy, Jake, Carter, Evelyn and Danny are part of team Oasis. A team created by Danny because of a challenge. Thomas Baker challenged him to a quidditch match... (The chapter name is "The flight of the Hufflepuff" because I thought it was funny... And because of the game "The flight of the hamsters"... love that game!)

  13. 0.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part seventeen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 04/20/2012 in Stories

    You just recognized the name of an old Hufflepuff student. And about the name of the chapter... Oasis is a really good band! If you haven't listened to it. Listen now!

  14. 0.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part sixteen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 04/03/2012 in Stories

    You're about to play your first quidditch match...

  15. 5.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part fifteen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 03/25/2012 in Stories

    You're in the hospital wing. The girl, Aranea Athena, just woke up...

  16. 0.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part thirteen

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 03/23/2012 in Stories

    You're going to the common room to look for Margret...

  17. 0.00 Which Tay are you?

    Published by yellowbellow on 03/14/2012 in Quizzes

    Which incarnation of Taylor Hanson are you? Made in honor of The Great Tay's birthday!

  18. 5.00 The Aragami Rising (A Gods Eater Story) Chapter 21 (FINAL CHAPTER)

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 02/26/2012 in Stories

    A big mission and ending

  19. 5.00 A Hogwarts Story - Part eight

    Published by HarryPotterRules2619 on 02/19/2012 in Stories

    Okay, last thing that happened was that you were telling your friends about how you disarmed Lawrence. If you haven't read the previous parts then I don't recommend reading this one!

  20. 5.00 The Aragami Rising (A Gods Eater Story) Chapter 20

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 01/27/2012 in Stories

    A major crisis

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