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  1. 5.00 Characters for my story: Third Abyss of War

    Published by IvoryBlackstone on 03/25/2014 in Stories

    She is a part of Addison's group and she's the smartest and quietest of the group.

  2. 5.00 What would you do......?

    Published by BreakingTheBarriers on 02/19/2014 in Stories

    Biggest plot twist in your life. DON"T READ AHEAD. Thanks guys! Don't forget to rate and message:) Stay awesome Bros;)

  3. 5.00 My Very Big Ideas #7.5

    Published by Am3rcez on 02/13/2014 in Stories

  4. 5.00 WOULD WE BE FRIENDS??!

    Published by Bribrikriquet on 02/05/2014 in Quizzes

  5. 5.00 Quizzzzzzz :)))

    Published by Bribrikriquet on 12/31/2013 in Polls

  6. 4.00 What would your jobb be in circus??

    Published by FullmetalWolfie on 10/27/2013 in Quizzes

    lets see would you be clown or maybe fire eater:oSorry if i spell something wrong in this quiz:(

  7. 3.75 Are you spoiled?

    Published by Jazzygirl654 on 10/07/2013 in Quizzes

    Are you a spoiled brat or a sweet angel?

  8. 0.00 Heaven theme song?

    Published by kathrynthewolf135 on 09/07/2013 in Polls

  9. 2.00 Which famous Dancer are you?

    Published by serendancer1542 on 08/12/2013 in Quizzes

    Answer honestly! Follow my instagram @entertainmentdm!

  10. 5.00 Should I...?

    Published by Razzella on 07/25/2013 in Polls

  11. 4.50 What Color is Your Aura?

    Published by Razzella on 07/25/2013 in Quizzes

    What color is your aura? Are you a vibrant Red - or inquisitive Purple? Take this quiz and find out!

  12. 0.00 It's Not My Choice-Just A Kiss Chapter 1

    Published by hipsterthatgirl on 07/01/2013 in Stories

    Brief Summary: Santana has many bad jobs just to gain money for a home,food,etc. ever since she got kicked out of her house. One night, she met a small group of people, who were her old high school buddies, who help get her back on track to the road of success. But only one of them truly wants to help out, the others only do it because of pity. What will happen? I know it sucks, but the story is much better than the summary!

  13. 3.50 whats your opinion on walmart

    Published by xxemodreamxx on 06/18/2013 in Polls

  14. 5.00 Watching from the Sky

    Published by redxcrayon on 06/07/2013 in Poems

    bored... very, very bored... Bloody Rose Chapter Six should be up soon too!

  15. 5.00 fire and ice ## MASATO HIJIRIKAWA

    Published by coolandironic on 04/14/2013 in Stories

    || reader x Masato Hijirikawa || largely based off of a gif set of matt smith i saw on tumblr fkldjfsdf [Uta no Prince-sama/Prince's Song]

  16. 5.00 What Earth Thingy Are You?

    Published by rofl31 on 04/09/2013 in Quizzes

    Ocean, Sky, Nature or Human Stuff!! Please leave a message later!! And enjoy the quiz!! rofl31 :D


    Published by YOLOSWAGFAG on 04/08/2013 in Polls

  18. 5.00 What 'Flavour' are you?

    Published by rofl31 on 04/07/2013 in Quizzes

    Enjoy the quiz and feel free to leave a message ! !

  19. 5.00 Twilight rant chapter 4

    Published by Velma7207183 on 03/16/2013 in Stories


  20. 5.00 Favourite Youtuber

    Published by IzzyHorneTMB on 03/04/2013 in Polls

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