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  1. 5.00 Ƈoʋƞƭ Ɓoɗɩ∊ʂ Ꮭɩƙ∊ Ꭶɦ∊∊ƿ ⁽₀₁⁾ ʘƖɩʋ∊ɾ ♥ αɾƭɧʋɾ

    Published by SeaLily4523 on 07/18/2014 in Stories

    Hello Quizilla! I hope you would enjoy a thrilling, gory, and blood lust story from a world of 1P nations to another world of murderous passion!~ ♡ Inspiration: Come Little Children By: Hocus Pocus and Counting Bodies Like Sheep By: A Perfect Circle

  2. 5.00 ✎ONE SHOT REQUESTS OPEN (for select fandoms)✎

    Published by littlebigweeb on 07/10/2014 in Stories

    I'm just restarting my life on Quizilla and I'm open to take in some one shot requests, but only for specific fandoms/shows/general stuff that I know. Check inside for a list of things I'm willing to write for and if you're interested, shoot me a message and we can discuss.

  3. 0.00 Blinding Faith .:Soviet Spy!RussiaxReader:. Ch.1

    Published by Dugherowngrave on 07/01/2014 in Stories

    My attempt at something new and a chapter story. I suck I know. Russia (c) Himuraya. You (c) Russia when the time comes.

  4. 0.00 [№ ➀] ⊰ Ꮄιℓнσuεттε ⊱ Germany

    Published by CheshirePasta on 07/01/2014 in Stories

    iPod Shuffle Challenge // Song 1 // Character: Germany // Anime: Hetalia Axis Powers // Song: Silhouette By Owl City // Word Count:

  5. 0.00 ⊰Ꮅнσтσgrαρн⊱ America x Reader

    Published by CheshirePasta on 06/30/2014 in Stories

    Just a Quotev transfer~ I don't often write Character x Reader stories but, I got the inspiration for one anyways. Written a couple weeks ago now. I do hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading~

  6. 5.00 Hetalia personalized quiz~

    Published by teenagepsychopathic on 06/24/2014 in Stories

    I'm going to try anotha personalized quiz! Please feel free to message me any questions that you may have, hun! Later gators~

  7. 0.00 (APH) Brighton: Marukaite Chikyuu (fanmade!) (english lyrics)

    Published by CanadianHerrStick on 06/23/2014 in Lyrics

  8. 1.00 click here to title your lyrics

    Published by CanadianHerrStick on 06/23/2014 in Lyrics

  9. 0.00 anotha hetalia foooorm

    Published by teenagepsychopathic on 06/23/2014 in Stories

  10. 0.00 hetalia foooooorm

    Published by teenagepsychopathic on 06/23/2014 in Stories

  11. 5.00 anotha hetalia filled form~

    Published by teenagepsychopathic on 06/23/2014 in Stories

  12. 0.00 hetalia filled form~

    Published by teenagepsychopathic on 06/23/2014 in Stories

  13. 4.75 ☼ Babe, It's Summer! ☼ ⊰Roleplay Request⊱

    Published by HelloNefarious on 06/20/2014 in Stories

    I despise Internet Explorer with all my heart, but alas, the desire to roleplay has become strong, once again, now that I am free from the bindings of school, so here we are! Welcome, Welcome and I hope I hear from at least one person! (I'm lonely ;-;)

  14. 5.00 ⓟⓐⓟⓔⓡ ✈ ⓐⓘⓡⓟⓛⓐⓝⓔ [Italy]

    Published by CheshirePasta on 06/13/2014 in Stories

    An older story from one of my older accounts. I decided to republish it here. I may have edited it a bit to fix some mistakes but, overall it's still the same as it was. Perhaps I'll rewrite it completely so it's better. Well, not to say it's bad but, you get the idea. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!

  15. 5.00 ⊰ Ꮳнεгisн ⊱ England

    Published by CheshirePasta on 06/13/2014 in Stories

    Yet another Quotev transfer. I wrote this originally for a 100 theme challenge which, I may actually post here in the future. I was VERY happy when I got the inspiration for this story. I'm rather proud of how it turned out though I suppose the title doesn't fit very well but, I like it too much to change~

  16. 5.00 ⊰ Ꭿℓℓ Ꮠ Ꮚαηт ƒσг Ꮯнгisтмαs is Ꭹσu ⊱ France x Reader

    Published by CheshirePasta on 06/13/2014 in Stories

    A Quotev transfer. I realize Christmas is WAY off but, this was an old story from quite sometime ago and I wanted to rewrite since the older story is long gone. Luckily I remembered most of what I wrote. If my memory serves correctly this story was dedicated to a very good friend of mine. Here it is refreshed and brand new for your enjoyment!

  17. 5.00 ‡ NIGHTMARE ‡ Prussia

    Published by CheshirePasta on 06/13/2014 in Stories

    A transfer from my Quotev to here. Do be aware this story is a bit on the dark side but, it isn't too bad~ I try to write dark stories but, sometimes they don't turn out as dark as I hope which is probably a good thing! Anyways, do enjoy and thank you for reading!

  18. 5.00 Hetalia Fictional OC Critique[s]

    Published by TheAntiPartisan on 06/10/2014 in Stories

    Too many times have I come across poorly thought-out fictional OCs, so I have decided to start up a Fictional OC Critique. Feel free to send in any completely made up OC you have, and I'll critique them. Don't worry - I'm not here to flame / utterly destroy your characters!

  19. 5.00 World War Two . Dark Hetalia Roleplay Rules & Character. { Arie Monroe }

    Published by AnywhereWrong on 06/06/2014 in Stories

    Dark Hetalia rolePlay rules & roleplay character. CODE: TaintedLove

  20. 4.75 Deru's Roleplay Request~!

    Published by Derurasu on 06/05/2014 in Stories

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