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  1. 5.00 Viva La Vida: The Odyssey

    Published by faramirforever on 07/30/2013 in Lyrics

    Freshman year, our project was to tell the story of the Odyssey in a song. Here's mine!

  2. 0.00 Amended Ilion

    Published by FlyingMozart on 08/07/2011 in Stories

  3. 5.00 Which woman in Greek Mythology are you?

    Published by selinniles on 12/21/2010 in Quizzes

  4. 5.00 The Star Wars Iliad By Dylan Bailey

    Published by QW123 on 04/07/2010 in Poems

    LOL. I just had to do this. I've seen all of 'em, played 'em, read 'em, and I love 'em. Georgey just has the greatest imagination I've ever seen. You rock Lucas! This is for you!

  5. 5.00 Are you an expert on Homer's Iliad?

    Published by Acushla on 03/24/2009 in Quizzes

    Take the test to find out if you're an Iliad-expert!

  6. 5.00 Has anyone heard of the Trojan War?

    Published by Darkheart310 on 09/20/2008 in Polls

  7. 0.00 Odysseus Recall

    Published by WFZ111255 on 06/23/2008 in Poems

    Based on Odysseus' travel home after the Trojan War.

  8. 0.00 A Trojan's End

    Published by WFZ111255 on 06/23/2008 in Lyrics

    This is based on the Iliad.

  9. 5.00 Which Troy Character Was Made Just For You? (GIRLS) or if you're gay.

    Published by lanaktty on 12/19/2007 in Quizzes

    A quiz for Troy movie lovers :)

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