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  1. 5.00 What a Life Sonic wwyff part3

    Published by ShadowsGirl1215 on 09/14/2014 in Quizzes

    Ok so we are now hedgies and the boys are taking us out to check out the town

  2. 5.00 What a Life Sonic wwyff pt2

    Published by ShadowsGirl1215 on 09/14/2014 in Quizzes

    Ok so we left off as me, you, and the gang jumping into a portal thingy and us getting to Mobius. Shadow grabbed my wrist so I passed out and I don't know what happened.............

  3. 5.00 What a Life Sonic wwyff pt 1

    Published by ShadowsGirl1215 on 09/14/2014 in Quizzes

    Ok so hi your possible bf's are Sonic, Silver, Scourge, Knuckles , Manic , And Tails (I have something planned for shadow *winks*) I am Celestia but you can call me Celest , you and I are currently 15 or 16 and you have a bf named Derek but he is BAD NEWS :( But its ok Cause our lives are about to change *smirks* You choose name , age ,look , and I choose you power MUAHAHAHAH!!!

  4. 5.00 Human!Sonic WWYFF: A lack of Continuity 11

    Published by HoneyWithMilk on 08/03/2014 in Quizzes

    Welp, here’s another chapter delivered with shicking speed. For those of you who also read my Human!Pokemon story, I haven't started on it yet but hopefully be out soon. I like trying to alternate between updating that story and this one, but since I’m having a little trouble figuring out to write the 3rd chapter I didn’t want to wait too long to post this while I tried to figure that out. Thanks so much to FeyMaster for your lovely message!

  5. 4.75 Human!Sonic WWYFF: A lack of Continuity 10

    Published by HoneyWithMilk on 08/02/2014 in Quizzes

    Chapter 10, everyone. Our first double digit chapter! Thank you guys for sticking around so long and showing me such amazing support. Leona18, musicmaniac007, Fantasybookgirl248, musiclover1516 and TikalPower, thanks so much for sending me such lovely messages. Please enjoy another long chapter! :)

  6. 5.00 Human!Sonic WWYFF: A lack of Continuity 9

    Published by HoneyWithMilk on 06/10/2014 in Quizzes

    Welcome back, guys! Ready for another chapter? You should be, because this is where the adventure truly begins! As always, thanks to the people who have read, rated, and messaged me so far. Musiclover1516, amy4evr, and Leona18, you guys deserve homebaked brownies (but not made by me, because I fail at cooking and care about your health). If anyone is curious about me adding "human!" to the title, I figured I'd keep the titles of my Pokemon WWYFF and this one congruent with eachother in that regard. Enjoy!


    Published by morganthetiger on 06/04/2014 in Stories

    sorry I took so long but I hope you all enjoy the pics. I wored hard on them.

  8. 4.75 Sonic Spin The Bottle! (girls only)

    Published by SweetNavyLace on 05/27/2014 in Quizzes

    You are looking through your mail and realize you have received an invitation to a party at my house, but you look at the time and quickly realize it was tonight, and it has already begun! You quickly rush to get dressed and make your way down the street to my house. I answer the door as you begin to knock, and drag you inside. ¨we just started playing spin the bottle, its your turn!¨

  9. 5.00 Sonic WWYFF: A lack of Continuity 8

    Published by HoneyWithMilk on 05/23/2014 in Quizzes

    Hey, guys! A relatively fast update?! Amazing, I know. Hopefully I can keep up some sort of momentum here. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to rate and message me about this quiz: musicmaniac07, and hanako1. You guys are fantabulous! I hope you all enjoy this newest chapter, where you’re “introduced” to a new result! Feel free to tell me what you guys think, and more importantly, enjoy!

  10. 5.00 Sonic WWYFF: A lack of Continuity 7

    Published by HoneyWithMilk on 05/09/2014 in Quizzes

    Welp, I’ve not worked on this in a while. I can’t really say much, other than life happened. I do plan to finish this story though, even if it takes me a while to do so! Hopefully I can crank these out on a somewhat consistent basis. Thank you so much to everyone who messaged me (which I unfortunately can’t give credit for due to ‘Zilla wiping my inbox clean). I hope you guys enjoy despite how late this is!

  11. 5.00 Frostbite: Chapter>4

    Published by hannah1995 on 04/30/2014 in Stories

    Hope you all are enjoying the story so far. Please let me know what you think! :3

  12. 5.00 wwffy sonic, shadow, silver, knuckles

    Published by darknessarrived13 on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    Here we go, my first wwffy, if it sucks bring on the hate mail ; P Sorry if tails isn't in it right now, He'll come in later....

  13. 5.00 Who is the best Sonic character?

    Published by darknessarrived13 on 04/15/2014 in Polls

  14. 5.00 Which Sonic character matches you?

    Published by darknessarrived13 on 04/14/2014 in Quizzes

    Lets say you like sonic, shadow, silver or knuckles. But would you be perfect for them?

  15. 4.00 who should be my bf(for me the dirty minded, sweet, and mischievous girl)

    Published by AshleytheCat on 03/26/2014 in Polls

  16. 5.00 friends for life 2

    Published by AshleytheCat on 03/26/2014 in Stories

    Man I keep getting stories that are loved anyways here is part two starting with he guys p.o.v

  17. 5.00 secrets (a knuckles and me story) 2

    Published by AshleytheCat on 03/25/2014 in Stories

    Hey I went on to check on my last story and got 5 stars yay anyway comment if u want me to make other stories ok bye!!

  18. 5.00 Frostbite: Chapter>3

    Published by hannah1995 on 03/18/2014 in Stories

    Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

  19. 5.00 Frostbite: Chapter>2 part 2

    Published by hannah1995 on 03/17/2014 in Stories

    This may turn out better than most of my stories and thanks for reading!

  20. 0.00 what sonic character are you?

    Published by 2001catml on 03/10/2014 in Quizzes

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