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  1. 3.00 Harry potter RP

    Published by countrysingergirl94 on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    Im kinda new to the whole rping stuff and wanted to try it, harry potter is something i love and I dont mind yuri yaoi or lemons,

  2. 2.00 my hetalia oc

    Published by Nerdster on 03/26/2014 in Stories

    so rp anyone?

  3. 5.00 WWFFY Two souls

    Published by Shinigamilordx on 01/29/2014 in Quizzes

    Have fun :3 you can have any name it will be shown as ---> ___ and you can be whatever age and you can look however you like alright? cool! enjoy the adventure! btw speech is in " " and your thoughts are in { }

  4. 0.00 Role Play OPEN!

    Published by ForeverInLove17 on 01/24/2014 in Stories

    Hello everyone. I am happy to role play!

  5. 5.00 Journal Update #4

    Published by PrincessSonicaHedgehog on 01/16/2014 in Stories

  6. 5.00 What Couples Should Be in My Next Lemon?

    Published by PrincessSonicaHedgehog on 01/15/2014 in Polls

  7. 5.00 Should I Write More Lemons? And if I Do, What Couples Will They Be? O-O'

    Published by PrincessSonicaHedgehog on 01/15/2014 in Polls

  8. 5.00 Drabbles, Lemons and One Shot Request!!

    Published by kweenofheartz on 12/30/2013 in Stories

    Taking requests!! :)

  9. 5.00 One Shot Trades [Spots Open: 1]

    Published by DaughterofAnarchy on 12/29/2013 in Stories

    Read on.

  10. 5.00 How do you feel about lemons?

    Published by ezio55 on 11/04/2013 in Polls

  11. 4.00 Finish the Quote #1

    Published by SirGawain98 on 10/20/2013 in Polls

  12. 5.00 Homestuck Roleplay? John x Dave or John x Karkat?

    Published by Dreamerchan11 on 10/20/2013 in Stories

    Hey there. I'm new to homestuck, but I really love John x Dave (pepsicola) and John x Karkat (JohnKat) I'm in act four and I really want a homestuck friend who can help Me understand more homestuck and maybe even rp with me.

  13. 3.75 Roleplay Cravings

    Published by animeofawesome on 10/14/2013 in Stories


  14. 5.00 Anime Idol- It's Not You - Halestorm - TMNT Yaoi

    Published by narutoninja9 on 09/19/2013 in Lyrics

    Okay so this is an Anime Idol to a fanfiction I'm writing with my friend. The couples in this are RaphXLeo RaphXShizuke (Shizuke is an original) LeoXJett (Jett is also an Original)

  15. 4.75 Which Naition R U?

    Published by Nerdster on 09/08/2013 in Quizzes

    If you are a fangirl or fanboy this rp quiz will be ur bff!

  16. 4.00 The best friend quiz

    Published by Nerdster on 09/07/2013 in Quizzes

    This is a quiz to take with your best friend! Im making it with my best friend now Jackalope123 Im at her house right now!!! Ok so you take the quiz 1st then share it to your best friend then compair your answers! HAVE A FANTABULOUSE TIME!

  17. 4.00 We Now Allow Lemons!

    Published by AssassinsDen on 09/01/2013 in Stories


  18. 5.00 Portal

    Published by Nerdster on 08/27/2013 in Poems

    Portal refrences

  19. 4.00 Can you survive?

    Published by Nerdster on 08/27/2013 in Quizzes

    Random stuff....

  20. 4.75 ♥✦The Small Guide to Writing Lemons✦♥

    Published by LovelyParadox on 08/13/2013 in Stories

    This is in no way an unofficial guide. I took my personal rules to writing lemons and turned it into this. These are purely OPINION, many people follow different guidelines, so keep that in mind.

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