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  1. 3.00 Fave food?

    Published by Laila8008 on 03/03/2014 in Polls

  2. 0.00 Gloria's - Arlington

    Published by uerulrich808 on 02/16/2014 in Stories

  3. 5.00 Mexican Immigrants

    Published by AceOfHearts1996 on 02/08/2014 in Poems

    An extended haiku. ~Ace

  4. 0.00 Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen

    Published by davidjacks12 on 01/20/2014 in Stories

    Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen

  5. 0.00 Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen

    Published by davidjacks12 on 01/20/2014 in Stories

    Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen

  6. 0.00 Lobo

    Published by lobo148 on 01/15/2014 in Stories

  7. 4.50 Italian or Mexican food?

    Published by Ravensolid27 on 12/26/2013 in Polls

  8. 5.00 She's a Hunter (pt.XI)

    Published by DowntownxSuicide on 09/25/2013 in Quizzes

    WARNING: Swear words are mentioned Previously on She: You woke up, took a shower, got into a little spat with Finlay, and are now on the road headed for California.

  9. 4.50 Favorite type of food

    Published by jlh1997 on 08/06/2013 in Polls

  10. 5.00 The best food is..?

    Published by YourImaginativeFriend on 08/03/2013 in Polls

  11. 5.00 .:Pins and Needles:. Jaime Reyes.:.Blue Beetle.:. one shot

    Published by lilxmoexash on 05/03/2013 in Stories

    i......have no regrets. this came to me in the middle of the night after catching up on some Young Justice. i love the new characters but at the same time there are so many no one has enough screen time! :C but blue beetle is awesome and Jaime is hot Oh and if you want the translation to any words or sentences i won't give them to you because im lazy

  12. 5.00 What's Your Idea of a Fun First Date?

    Published by bugsbunnygirl202 on 03/31/2013 in Polls

  13. 1.00 What type of food are you?

    Published by cHoCoLaTe on 02/12/2013 in Quizzes

    Maybe you like spicy mexican, fun diner food, or savory italian..find out!

  14. 4.50 what should your get/what are you from taco bell?

    Published by awesomessjninja on 02/06/2013 in Quizzes


  15. 0.00 What are you?

    Published by MarcelineTheZoura on 02/04/2013 in Polls

  16. 5.00 What nyan cat do you like best?

    Published by hannahasch on 08/03/2012 in Polls

  17. 5.00 whats the best type of food

    Published by cbonap on 06/28/2012 in Polls

  18. 0.00 'Which breed of dog is better suited too you?'[Result:Xoloitzcuintli]

    Published by PhoenixMafia on 06/04/2012 in Stories

    Please take the quiz 'http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/23796536/which-breed-of-dog-is-better-suited-too-you'

  19. 0.00 Too Little, Too Late (Ch.1)

    Published by BaileEstaCumbia on 06/03/2012 in Stories

  20. 5.00 Adventures in Friend-Zone: Chapter 3 – The Night That Changed Everything

    Published by ArtsyGirl16 on 05/09/2012 in Stories

    Ahhhh so much to write about for this series, I can hardly contain myself. I was going to post a one shot and then another episode of Confessions of a Barista before this but I couldn’t resist. Been tweeting (@artsygirl16) a lot lately, albeit somewhat cryptically haha, about what’s coming later on in the story… As for now, prepare to be told about the night that changed everything.

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