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  1. 5.00 [Sasuke] My Old Friend [Uchiha] [6 of 10]

    Published by SasukePrismaColor on 07/28/2014 in Stories

    Hooray, I got it done~! So, here's the next part, and yes, Sasuke and Reader will hae their talk, starting in part 7. I think that one will take at least two parts, so, I'll try and get them up together. Pairing: SasukexFem!Reader. Genre: Friendship, Romance. Part 6 of 10.

  2. 5.00 ~Drabble Requests~

    Published by DeadRobinsSociety on 07/25/2014 in Stories

    hopefully this all goes well

  3. 4.75 ᖇᗝᒪᙓᖰᒪᗩᎩ ♥ ᙅᖇᗩᐯᓮﬡᘐᔕ

    Published by SeaLily4523 on 07/24/2014 in Stories

    Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Ouran Host Club, 2P Hetalia, Yu Yu Hakusho

  4. 0.00 100 Themes Challenge: #11 Not Over Yet

    Published by DeathNoteTiger1 on 07/23/2014 in Stories

    This is in the POV of Sasuke. ^.^'

  5. 0.00 100 Themes Challenge: #10 Names (Kakashi Hatake)

    Published by DeathNoteTiger1 on 07/23/2014 in Stories

    No so much romance, just humor. Just using this as a writing exercise while I work on a sequel to my first novel. =)

  6. 5.00 My Life~A Gaara High School Story #262

    Published by shadowbender16 on 07/23/2014 in Stories

  7. 5.00 Naruto OC: Jin Karasaki

    Published by DeathNoteTiger1 on 07/22/2014 in Stories

    This is for a trade.

  8. 5.00 [4/6] The Soul Within ✧Kisame Hoshigaki✧

    Published by edsasukeluva on 07/20/2014 in Stories

    Fourth of a six part prize set for XRedRobinX who took the angst award in my contest.| Reader x Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto.| Set in old Japan| Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Slight Smut| Prompt: Beauty and the Beast| Enjoy~

  9. 5.00 Naruto Shippuden One Shot (For i-am-kokoro) CHO x SASUKE

    Published by daphneroleplays on 07/20/2014 in Stories

    original character (Cho) belongs to the lovely I-am-kokoro who drew me an awesome picture :) Thank you for putting up with my emails, low patience, and writing process! :D

  10. 5.00 Uchiha Itachi~Love of the Heart #47

    Published by shadowbender16 on 07/16/2014 in Stories

  11. 5.00 [3/3] Enlighten Me ♡Shikamaru Nara♡

    Published by edsasukeluva on 07/15/2014 in Stories

    Last of a three part prize set for xSummehx who took the angst award in my contest.| Reader x Shikamaru Nara from Naruto.| Modern settings| Genre: Angst, Romance| Prompt: Do you see me or am I just another shadow to you?| Enjoy~

  12. 0.00 Naruto: A NEW FACE

    Published by HuckleberryAngel on 07/15/2014 in Stories

    This is a small story of when you and brother; Kazuki Tachibana met Naruto Uzumaki and befriend him. It's also your first day at the Ninja school. Hope you like! Message or Rate. :)

  13. 2.50 Highschool Never Ends [Konoha High] Chapter 2

    Published by FullMoonWhiteRose on 07/14/2014 in Stories

    Whoo! Second chapter! For those of you who are just dying to know, yes, I am extremly bored right now and I have no life. :3 So, without further adeu, rate message and enjoy! ^.^

  14. 5.00 Naruto-WWYFF

    Published by HuckleberryAngel on 07/13/2014 in Quizzes

    Ok, well, here it goes! Sorry if it isn't that great. Doing my best!

  15. 4.00 Roleplay Request!

    Published by vibrantcolor on 07/12/2014 in Stories

  16. 4.00 Naruto intro #2

    Published by HuckleberryAngel on 07/10/2014 in Stories

    OK... I'm going to do one more story then I'll start on the WWYFF... Sometime soon (busy with a summer job). Hope you like it! Also, the beginning part is just a part that I didn't add in the first chapter. Message me on you're opinions or rate, thanks!

  17. 5.00 Uchiha Madara~Knight in Scarlet Armor #8

    Published by shadowbender16 on 07/09/2014 in Stories

  18. 3.75 Naruto OC: Shiori Akuma 2.0

    Published by deathnotelova on 07/08/2014 in Stories

    Please keep in mind that this is just another version of Shiori, a that I'm still keeping the original one where she is in the Akatsuki

  19. 5.00 What the Akatsuki Think of you [Result: Cheetah]

    Published by DeathNoteTiger1 on 07/05/2014 in Stories

    Sorry I couldn't put the result in the quiz, it wasn't formatting correctly!

  20. 5.00 What the Akatsuki Think of you [Result: Leopard]

    Published by DeathNoteTiger1 on 07/05/2014 in Stories

    Sorry I couldn't put the result in the quiz, it wasn't formatting correctly!

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