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  1. 4.75 Would You Date a Vampire?

    Published by Vampmidnight12 on 09/06/2014 in Quizzes

    This quiz will determine whether or not a vampire date you :) Good Luck

  2. 4.50 Which Famous Vampire Are You?

    Published by Vampmidnight12 on 09/05/2014 in Quizzes

    Hey guys just made this famous vampire quiz for all the little count Dracula"s out there :) Anyway if you are really into vampires I suggest reading the Vampire Kisses and Vampire Chronicles series or watch Vampire Secrets (doc), Bram Stoker's Dracula or Dracula: Dead and loving it. Enjoy :)

  3. 4.50 Which Paranormal/Mythical creature is the best?

    Published by Vampmidnight12 on 09/04/2014 in Polls

  4. 5.00 What would you read about most?

    Published by Jdazzel13 on 07/19/2014 in Polls

  5. 0.00 Element: Fire

    Published by MT123 on 06/19/2014 in Stories

  6. 0.00 Hybrid- Chapter Five

    Published by LordZomZom on 04/22/2014 in Stories

    In this chapter Chelsea gets some basic training and begins to piece together the dark past of her Vampiric mentor, as well as get's a fair warning about the goal she has set her sights on.

  7. 5.00 Hybrid- Chapter Three

    Published by LordZomZom on 04/17/2014 in Stories

    Chapter Three! Please rate and enjoy

  8. 5.00 Hybrid- Chapter Four

    Published by LordZomZom on 04/17/2014 in Stories

    Well here we have it- Chapter four, where Chelsea finds out a little bit more about the Supernaturals in her life and sets her self on a new goal.

  9. 5.00 The Red Door

    Published by starryfruit123 on 04/14/2014 in Stories

    10 strangers are locked in a room with only one exit - The bold, red door. What fate awaits them behind it? (Based on this really freaky dream I had... Though I changed it up for literary purposes, a lot of it is quite close.)

  10. 5.00 A Diamond In The Rough ( A Derek Hale Love Story) Chapter 2

    Published by LovelyWolf1995 on 04/08/2014 in Stories

    Heres chapter 2 as mira's story gets scarier what kind trouble will she get into

  11. 5.00 Labyrinth of the Lost

    Published by dirtyblood on 03/14/2014 in Poems

    This is a poem I entered into my local library’s poetry contest. Twenty contestants won, however I was not one of them. I hope you enjoy this piece. -Dirtyblood

  12. 5.00 A Diamond In The Rough (Character Info) A Derek Hale Love Story

    Published by LovelyWolf1995 on 03/12/2014 in Stories

    Here is Mr. Grumpy Pants himself Derek Hale, him and stiles are my favorite characters, and I love Kira she is so kick ass.

  13. 0.00 My life creation

    Published by SJBC16 on 03/06/2014 in Poems

  14. 5.00 Hybrid- In The Dark

    Published by LordZomZom on 02/28/2014 in Stories

    This is the first chapter into my new series called Hybrid about a young woman who has been missing for years, and her first attempt at freedom back into the world she grew up with leads her into a world she never knew existed...this story can be a bit dark at times...please rate and enjoy!

  15. 5.00 Which show is better?

    Published by confusion78 on 02/26/2014 in Polls

  16. 5.00 In My Eyes

    Published by LordZomZom on 02/25/2014 in Poems

  17. 5.00 The Strange Life of Alex Richards: The Magic Staff(ch1)

    Published by jmo317 on 02/24/2014 in Stories

    Alex finds the hidden truth about reality. Everything's stranger than he thought. Can Alex handle it? Can he fight werewolves, witches, vampires, and warlocks? He finds out on his strange vacation to Hawaii to visit his grandpa.

  18. 0.00 Are you psychic?

    Published by tableninja on 02/15/2014 in Quizzes

  19. 5.00 The Last Equinox ― Six

    Published by xxqweenbeexx on 02/10/2014 in Stories

    For a more detailed description of my story (characters, pictures, songs, book covers, updates, blah blah) go follow me on wattpad.com as 'beautyisbeast'. I write there as well! Hope you enjoy! Later ☼✼

  20. 5.00 The Last Equinox ― Five

    Published by xxqweenbeexx on 02/10/2014 in Stories

    For a more detailed description of my story (characters, pictures, songs, book covers, updates, blah blah) go follow me on wattpad.com as 'beautyisbeast'. I write there as well! Hope you enjoy! Later ☼✼

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