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  1. 4.25 Who Cares?

    Published by TheDarkLightLove on 06/16/2014 in Poems

    This is a poem about my observations in life and after thinking about it my thoughts on the issue after thought. I have been bullied on and off since pre-K 4. And this is my view on my experiences.

  2. 4.50 Destiny

    Published by fox8chicken on 02/23/2014 in Poems

    My favorite poem I've written

  3. 4.50 taking the wrong path

    Published by luchihathegothicbeauty on 02/21/2014 in Lyrics

    im sho bored... sho.. i shall express le feels

  4. 5.00 The Path of Roses.

    Published by QueenofMagic on 01/03/2014 in Poems

    "Thank you, sweet Princess."

  5. 3.75 Hiraeth

    Published by SerahFarronVilliers on 12/28/2013 in Lyrics

    Bring me back to the snow...bring me back to that peaceful haven. That's where the rest of my heart should be.

  6. 0.00 War across Race 3

    Published by Luchadore on 12/23/2013 in Stories

    I just shortest tell of last story. Luchadore

  7. 5.00 {Take Care of Yourself} Ike and Soren OneShot Fire Emblem

    Published by StuffyKittyPie on 12/09/2013 in Stories

    Ike tries to persuade Soren to pry himself from his work for once. These guys are so fun to write it's crazy :) This is just a short sample of my writing style, and please let me know if you see any major spelling or grammar mistakes because I'd love to make improvements, and feel free to message me your opinions on my writing!!

  8. 5.00 Short Story - Walking in the Autumn Breeze

    Published by Tazhia on 11/27/2013 in Stories

    '"Come little leaves" said the Wind one day, "come to the meadows with me- and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; for Summer is past and the day grow cold."' - George Cooper

  9. 4.00 ↣❅ Fire Emblem: Secret Santa ❅↢

    Published by Mihashi-Harumi-chan on 11/08/2013 in Stories

    interested in participating in a FIRE EMBLEM Secret Santa? We take entries from the first game all the way to Awakening! You don't have to know all games, just 1 will do. Read on and message me! :)

  10. 0.00 Fire Emblem Story poll

    Published by Kirakux on 11/05/2013 in Polls

  11. 5.00 The Blue Box

    Published by MemoLawliet on 11/04/2013 in Lyrics

    Written: 1/30/13. Memo Lawliet / 2013 Copyright

  12. 0.00 2045: Path to Nation’s Golden Age

    Published by finleytheo on 09/20/2013 in Stories

  13. 5.00 Jedi Paths

    Published by BenPass on 08/24/2013 in Quizzes

    Have you ever wondered which path you would be assigned as a Jedi? Do you belong to the Guardians, Sentinels, or Consulars? Take this test (which includes the questions from KOTOR) and find out!

  14. 4.75 Which 'Path' are you walking on?

    Published by Imagine14 on 08/18/2013 in Quizzes

    Answer with honesty and tact, and you might find a reflection of your personality in your result...

  15. 5.00 Purpose.

    Published by Barbiee34562 on 08/16/2013 in Poems

    A poem dedicated to anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, and even to those who might have just lost their way. If you find yourself thinking there's no reason for you to be here- remember this. We all have a purpose; a path we must take. And without you the world is one beautiful soul short of a complete universe. Thanks so much for reading.

  16. 0.00 On My Way to Heaven

    Published by Rio121012 on 08/08/2013 in Stories

    This is a story that I made up. I wasn't really on my way to heaven. I wrote this for school. It is fiction, so none of this is real.

  17. 5.00 Forgotten Path

    Published by Neodavid62 on 07/02/2013 in Poems

    Some dark poetry about my life.

  18. 5.00 Wildstar Pathfinder

    Published by ArdentSun on 07/02/2013 in Quizzes

    You may select multiple answers for each question and it is advised that you do so. Answer the questions truthfully and not how you think you should to get the right Path, some of them are tricky.

  19. 5.00 (18 )Which of Pein's bodies will rape you?

    Published by lkfan on 06/05/2013 in Quizzes

    Find out which of Pein's six bodies will rape you the best lol or maybe even Nagato himself will give you the honor? xD This quiz is just for fun, so don't take it in too deep... if you know what i mean ;d

  20. 5.00 Black night-so bright

    Published by francesConway on 05/02/2013 in Poems

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