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  1. 4.50 Which Naruto Character are You?

    Published by siljakai on 12/20/2013 in Quizzes

    Take this Test to see which Naruto Character you are!

  2. 0.00 Which Naruto Character are You?

    Published by siljakai on 12/20/2013 in Quizzes

    Take this Test to see which Naruto CHaracter you are!

  3. 4.00 Quizzila Marriage

    Published by Wolfgirl1618 on 04/01/2013 in Stories

    i thought this would be fun! let's see if my boyfriend sees it!

  4. 5.00 What I've learned from Quizilla and it's members

    Published by CastleOblivionGirls on 12/13/2012 in Stories

    Hey guys, so I originally found something like this in my friend Vanez's stuff, and I thought I'd do one, but with lots of differenter things... so yeah number two over and out

  5. 5.00 Is it just me or..

    Published by PurplexRosexlove on 12/01/2012 in Polls

  6. 4.75 What is your Hogwarts wand?

    Published by katikus23 on 10/07/2012 in Quizzes

    i spent a lot of time to research the best of the best wand core, wood, and length for you!! GIRLS ONLY, sorry dudes. well, you can take it if you want.

  7. 3.00 How long do you spend on quizilla a day

    Published by kangoo595 on 09/11/2012 in Polls

  8. 5.00 how did you like my first book?

    Published by socool247 on 08/28/2012 in Polls

  9. 5.00 Will you survive a banana attack?

    Published by banana921 on 08/24/2012 in Quizzes

  10. 4.50 Where should i publish my stories at?

    Published by socool247 on 08/13/2012 in Polls

  11. 4.25 Quizzilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Published by CastleOblivionGirls on 07/08/2012 in Stories

    What the heck guys? What the heck?! No death, OR SWEARING?!?!? How are you gonna let us be creative if we can't do that? Next your gonna say we can't have fighting in our stories!

  12. 5.00 Quizilla's Embarrassing Moments-Coming SOON

    Published by harrypottergirl321 on 06/13/2012 in Quizzes

    Reminder about Quizilla's Embarrassing Moments

  13. 5.00 Do you like Quizilla? :3

    Published by Sunshinefire on 05/25/2012 in Polls

  14. 4.25 What is your FAvorite MOvie?

    Published by HarryPotterLuver013 on 04/18/2012 in Polls


    Published by zoe2080 on 03/25/2012 in Stories

  16. 4.75 Are You Likeable?

    Published by Kizziefoshnizzie on 02/18/2012 in Quizzes

    Take this quiz to find out if your likeable.

  17. 1.00 All About Us

    Published by arttmx on 01/26/2012 in Stories

    It sounds like The Notebook and Dear John combined but in my defense I didn't even know ): but enjoyyy ~ check out the band He is We; All About Us was inspired by the song. ♥ UHMM yeah, apparently the tab wont work so the dialogues all mushed.. sorry ): !

  18. 4.75 So remind me again; Why is the were-bunny in charge? #1 an action story

    Published by CheeseyBook on 12/22/2011 in Quizzes

    So this is my second attempt at a long quiz series, and this is the 3rd time I have had to type it. If you read my first quiz series attempt, have an imaginary cookie.If you took my poll (which nobody did!!!) you get an invisible cake. also, if I put DONT CLICK, then it is a continuation of the question/story/answer. Lastly, the amount of answers will vary from quiz to quiz, and the answers will be personality, best friend enemy, what hapens to you, ect. They will NOT be boyfriend/girlfriend things.

  19. 5.00 Coming Back

    Published by tornrippedandbroken on 12/12/2011 in Stories


  20. 0.00 Who will win America's Next Top Model All-Stars?

    Published by RayDLovatic on 12/04/2011 in Polls

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