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  1. 5.00 What character are you in the book The Monster in the Cave?

    Published by Takamakamori on 06/23/2013 in Quizzes

    This is a book i'm working on (not to publicise it, but feel free to read it ;P) and i will see what character you are most like in the book! Matthew, James, Jon, Icy, Carrie, Scooter, Brenna, or Shawn. If possible, (meaning whenever i get bored and think of more questions, i will repost this with more questions and hopefully more descriptions of the characters for you to enjoy, im just in a rush. gotta go.) :) enjoy!

  2. 4.00 How tired are you?

    Published by SarafinaLioness on 06/06/2013 in Quizzes

    I have no idea. TAKE THIS!

  3. 5.00 I guess I Believe You *A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction* Chapter 1

    Published by annabanna123 on 04/24/2013 in Stories

    Hey guys 'll like it. I just wanna say THANK YOU to all the people who have inspired me on twitter! I love you guys.. Just thanks so much! This story is DEDICATED to EVERY ONE OF YOU

  4. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 193

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 09/25/2012 in Stories

    Im SO SO SO SO SO SOORRRRYYYYY!!! I havent posted in AGEEEES ive been busy, so yeah. Im really sorry. Ill try and get some posts up daily again. Message me what you think, write a song, make a character anything! You can do anything for OBHLTA! This story is for you guys so feel free to imput :) Enjoy. Hope you like it xxxxxx Also its only a short MSG chpt. Didnt want t dwell too long on it :) You know what MSG's like Aha xx

  5. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 189

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 07/31/2012 in Stories

    :) Ive got a few cliffhangers for you soon and some good story lines that have been suggested :) If you have any story lines you wanna see or want to be in OBHLTA just send me a message and ill see what I can do :) Enjoy.

  6. 4.25 Bike or Scooter?

    Published by hawkeye4ever on 07/18/2012 in Polls

  7. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 188

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 07/16/2012 in Stories

    Part 188 :) i havent been getting many massages once again, maybe its because i havent been updating much, i dunno... But i appreciate everyone reading, messaging, kindof advertising, telling your friends, making banners etc. You guys are the best. I love you :) I'll start writing a load tonight and try to get more done for you :) Hope you enjoy :) Remember extra messages, banners etc = sneek peeks or extra parts. So make sure you do that if you want more OBHLTA :) xx Nice long part for ya xx

  8. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 176

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 04/13/2012 in Stories

    Part 176 :) Okay it might of been abit boring lately... Sorry! But i neeeeeed messages despirately. And also go check out my twitter where you can find updates, sneek peeks, secret spills and more! https://twitter.com/#!/MvczStories Mvczstories :) xx

  9. 5.00 I'm sure I've met you...right? (Sonic WWFFY)20

    Published by Mysterywings14 on 04/08/2012 in Quizzes

    Numba 20!

  10. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 153

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 03/01/2012 in Stories

    Again. Happy birthday to justin :) Hope you guys like :)

  11. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 152

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 03/01/2012 in Stories

    Its the 1st march!!You guys know what that is right?? Justins 18th! Ill be submitting 2 parts in celebration of the main caracters special day :) Hope you like.

  12. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 151

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 02/29/2012 in Stories

    Thankyou guys for being so patient and just brilliant! Your truly amazing.. There is a cliff hanger at the end so beware... Lol. Enjoy :)

  13. 5.00 (Justin Bieber) One Broken Heart Leads To Another?? PT 129

    Published by missyvanillacubez on 02/11/2012 in Stories

    Part 129.. willl update tomorrow.. Evey banner i get and every 5 messages i will add extra parts :) Enjoy...

  14. 0.00 The Girl Who Ran Away From Justin Bieber | {Love Story: 2}

    Published by XxTwiceShyxX on 12/30/2011 in Stories

  15. 5.00 Which Thunder Cat character are you?

    Published by Catatouille101 on 12/26/2011 in Quizzes

    This is a quiz to see which character from Catatouille101's online series, The Thunder Cats, you are most like! The characters you might end up with are Dakota, Iris, Cream, Sunny, Jet, or Scooter.

  16. 0.00 Fa La La - Chapter 4

    Published by alkatrazpixie89 on 12/20/2011 in Stories

    this is the 'girl's most exciting thing in her life' part!!!!! i know its short but i'll make it up with ch. 5 :)

  17. 5.00 How well do you know the Muppets?

    Published by MakiLotus on 12/03/2011 in Quizzes

    Because of the new movie that came out (Which to be honest I really hated, but I love the original Muppets though) I decided to make this test. The questions are a range of super easy to super hard. It also has stuff just simply related to Jim Henson and others. It's also a bit long, too. (Sorry) Have fun!

  18. 0.00 The Best Toddler Scooter For Safety and Comfort

    Published by bestbikeskids16 on 09/13/2011 in Stories

  19. 5.00 Forever and Always (Justin Bieber Love Story Part 2)

    Published by luke60 on 08/28/2011 in Stories

  20. 4.00 Forever and Always (Justin Bieber Love Story Part 1)

    Published by luke60 on 08/27/2011 in Stories

    Hey Guys! So I am working on another Justin bieber Story now. I kind of got writers block on that one but I'm gonna just try and start a new one. I really hope you enjoy this new story. Please write me and tell me what you think! Thanks :)

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