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  1. 3.00 Who would you rather give a speech in front of?

    Published by totle on 04/23/2014 in Polls

  2. 3.00 A Strangers Words

    Published by lily1710 on 03/03/2014 in Poems

    Thank you sage meant a lot to me.

  3. 5.00 The Clam

    Published by AceOfHearts1996 on 02/16/2014 in Poems

    I texted my boyfriend this last night. I can't just say things because I need time and my thoughts usually come out as poetry. It's easier for me this way. ~Ace

  4. 5.00 strange kinda love

    Published by simber28 on 01/05/2014 in Stories

    A love story between a young university girl and a complete stranger fall in love, but is it as innocent as it looks?

  5. 3.00 If I Said I Loved you...

    Published by heartshatteringvampire on 12/15/2013 in Stories

    So here's another update for this story.

  6. 4.25 Gone

    Published by BlueRosesRedTears on 09/09/2013 in Poems

  7. 5.00 Shadow Kissed (WWYFF)

    Published by SolenDusk on 08/27/2013 in Quizzes

    Okay this is kinda like a trial wwyff because I am already writing one called vampyre and wolf prince. But I'd like to start another one with a more action story line. You are between the ages of 16-19 with long jet hair and pale lime eyes. I HOPE you enjoy it but this wwyff will be a little slower to come out as I have another ongoing. But if you like it or have ideas suggestions anything feel free to message me

  8. 0.00 Stardom. •Chapter One.

    Published by missuniqe1 on 08/05/2013 in Stories

    Aha. Enjoy. Every Tuesday. Feedback is appreciated.

  9. 5.00 Lost

    Published by NotYourOrdinaryOlive on 07/24/2013 in Stories

    Hey guys, so I am still working on everything but I needed a break so I decided to start this story. I hope you guys like it! Also this has some characters based off of real people in it so yah!

  10. 0.00 Ordinary. #2

    Published by missuniqe1 on 07/05/2013 in Stories

  11. 4.25 Get the hell outta my house!(1)

    Published by iHEARTcooking on 06/21/2013 in Quizzes

    First quiz jitters!Hope it goes well with you all!

  12. 5.00 Darkness Falls...(p2)

    Published by AnnoymousGirl on 04/20/2013 in Stories

    RECAP: For a couple weeks every thing was excellent until you were kidnapped by a group of "dark 'angels"...

  13. 0.00 Unheard ( Chapter Two )

    Published by CherryOnTopx3 on 04/18/2013 in Stories

    Thanks for rating my last chapter. c: It made me real happy. Enjoy.

  14. 5.00 Dinostuck (2)

    Published by anime4life4 on 04/10/2013 in Stories


  15. 0.00 Story~ The Meeting~ 2

    Published by kittyluver360 on 03/08/2013 in Stories

    Hey, so this is the second chapter in Story~. I forgot to mention, this story does have some cussing in it but it's very rare. Sorry if you take offense. I'll try to put up some pictures of the characters and the map of the land. Oh, and don't worry about who the characters are yet, we'll be getting to that soon cx but to give you an idea, Ayla is an thrapoid dragon/wolf hybrid and Lola is an elf/human mix cx Enjoy!

  16. 5.00 If You could Marry Anyone From the Marvel Universe...

    Published by isThisAvalible on 02/05/2013 in Stories

  17. 5.00 No Food, What Do You Do?

    Published by isThisAvalible on 02/02/2013 in Polls

  18. 5.00 Hello Strangers!

    Published by isThisAvalible on 02/02/2013 in Stories

  19. 5.00 Fruit Tastes So Much Better When It's Forbidden Ch. 10

    Published by MonkeyMadness101 on 01/05/2013 in Stories

  20. 3.00 lowe's

    Published by xenia27 on 12/29/2012 in Poems

    i did this quick short poem while waiting for my dad in the car on a friday morning. (12.28.12)

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