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  1. 0.00 Ana

    Published by paranormalxangel on 03/25/2011 in Poems

    Written about my bipolar disorder and bulimarexia

  2. 5.00 Imperfection

    Published by paranormalxangel on 03/24/2011 in Poems

    I am bulimic.

  3. 5.00 Another Thinspo Song Quiz

    Published by Landenectomy on 12/16/2010 in Quizzes

    I carry absolutely zero responsibility for you. Just saying. :) Also, these quizzes will pile up pretty fast if I have a steady supply of songs coming in; so if you know of any great thinspo music, PLEASE don't hesitate to send a message! :)

  4. 5.00 What Song Is Your Ideal Thinspo?

    Published by Landenectomy on 12/13/2010 in Quizzes

    Designed from my personal thinspo collection. All questions are actually related. This is supposed to suggest thinspo for the mood you're in AT THE MOMENT of taking the quiz, I don't suggest the same songs all the time, they get old.

  5. 5.00 Thinspiration Playlist

    Published by SurvivingSunshine on 09/15/2010 in Stories

    (c) Fiona Bowen 2010

  6. 5.00 The Imperfect

    Published by waffletastiic on 06/07/2010 in Stories

    A life filled with pressure, to be beautiful, smart, talented, skinny -- PERFECT. And that's what Megan is heading for, one step at a time.

  7. 0.00 {0} Thinspiration:Characters

    Published by iScreamTraci on 08/31/2009 in Stories

    Heyy this is my first story so please.. Read.Rate.Enjoy! (:

  8. 5.00 I Hate You, Ana.

    Published by CroutonTheAmazing on 10/07/2008 in Stories

    my take on anorexia.

  9. 5.00 when thin isn't enough.

    Published by BONESareBEAUTIFUL on 03/26/2007 in Poems

    i want to know what you think. in this poem, i talk about wearing a red bracelet, and i've been asked what it means. many pro-ana [pro-anorexia] and pro-mia [pro-bulimia] sites show their support by wearing a red string around their wrist to show tha

  10. 5.00 What's your supermodel thinspo?

    Published by lilmisstickykiss on 02/13/2006 in Quizzes

    this are supermodels hot on the runway and always featured in vogue. if you don't know their name, you should! and if you don't know what thinspo is, it's short for thinspiration, an inspiration to keep up your diet and workout plan, becuase they are just that gorgeous.

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