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  1. 5.00 The Answers

    Published by Neko0of0Fire on 04/13/2014 in Poems


  2. 5.00 The Tragic Tail of a Sailor and a Siren(part one)

    Published by girlygirl1981 on 02/28/2014 in Stories

  3. 5.00 True Love Is Thy Flame

    Published by samantha965821sam62 on 01/21/2014 in Poems

    I couldn't stop thinking about my boyfriend which is also my best friend... so I came up with this and it's just expressing my love towards him and how far i may be willing to go.. It shows that i will be with him til the end and longer, and just how much he means to me..

  4. 1.00 Our Break Up

    Published by baotuong18 on 01/02/2014 in Lyrics

  5. 5.00 are you in love?

    Published by claire34040 on 12/20/2013 in Quizzes

  6. 4.00 Where Should You Go to Meet Your Next Girlfriend?

    Published by astrozombie1l on 12/17/2013 in Quizzes

    Looking for love in all the wrong places? Find out where you could find the girl of your perceived dreams!

  7. 5.00 These Scars Don't Matter Anymore Pt 2 - Long Emo Love Story

    Published by AnnastasiaBlue on 12/01/2013 in Stories

    You never know when you're gonna meet someone and your whole wide world in a moment comes undone.

  8. 3.75 These Scars Don't Matter Anymore Pt 1- Long Emo Love Story

    Published by AnnastasiaBlue on 11/30/2013 in Stories

    All my scars don't seem to matter anymore cause they led me here to you.

  9. 0.00 Does Karl like meh!?! @~@

    Published by tuyukaminecraft2167 on 11/27/2013 in Quizzes

    I like this boy named Karl ( that's his actual name ) and I want to know wether he likes me or not because my friend is friends with him and she says that he likes me. I don't know what to believe my head is just spinning right now I have been secretly ( me: not a secret any more now is it ) crying for like the past two hours cuz I'm so confused!!! I will tell you things that happened. Btw I am insanely in love with him so I it's do random stuff and I don't think about it until later so yeah.

  10. 5.00 Not what it use to be

    Published by ru13y71299 on 11/06/2013 in Stories

  11. 0.00 Blood Thirsty Angel

    Published by EmoGothicChick420 on 09/11/2013 in Stories

    this is a story off the top of my head about a girl whos is filled with tragedy and pain who just happens to be supernatural.

  12. 0.00 O'Wanda: true love

    Published by hosters on 08/08/2013 in Stories

    My first one shot! This is about Wanda and Ian after the host!

  13. 5.00 Romance by the Seaside

    Published by edwardauron on 06/23/2013 in Poems

  14. 4.75 Your Perfect Match: Personality Quiz Just For Girls

    Published by AslynnxDove on 06/19/2013 in Quizzes

    What kind of personality is yours most compatible with? Find out if you'll go to prom with your true love, best friend, boy friend, or if you won't go at all. Message me! tell me what you think ^.^

  15. 5.00 Captain America Love story Pt.1

    Published by DisturbedSmurf on 06/01/2013 in Stories

    Hey guys! This is going to be my version of what happened when Steve got pulled out of the ice, it also kinda re-does the Avengers a little bit. But I hope you enjoy it!

  16. 0.00 CHAPTER 1 IMAGES

    Published by Littlelily on 05/30/2013 in Stories

  17. 5.00 Kate Sanderson and the Marauder's Curse (Chapter Nine)

    Published by somthingxxwicked on 05/29/2013 in Stories

    Hey guys, had a few pressing things to do yesterday and a surprise visit, but it's here like i said it would be. Chapter NINE! Whoo hooo! I have issued a reader's challenge and written about a few updates regarding the progression of this story. It's all in my journal entry, so please check it out. Rate, comment, message.... let me know what you think so far. But above all Enjoy! Fly High Friends!

  18. 3.75 He would Kiss me ...

    Published by TerraWay on 05/08/2013 in Poems

  19. 4.50 A Veil of Black and Gold Ch. 18 Daryl Dixon

    Published by xXmercilessXmercenaryXx on 05/02/2013 in Stories

    Lots of tension in this chapter and a screechy alarm

  20. 5.00 A Veil of Black and Gold Ch. 15 Daryl Dixon

    Published by xXmercilessXmercenaryXx on 04/12/2013 in Stories

    a flashback, sudden hatred, and love for a little boy

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