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  1. 0.00 Chapter #10

    Published by writerlover98 on 08/09/2013 in Stories

  2. 0.00 Lydia's Memories

    Published by Dollymay on 12/23/2012 in Stories

    This story was born of procrastination. One line came to my mind. "My first memories are of." And I just had this sudden MUST WRITE! feeling. I have nooooo clue where this is going. All of this just came to me as I wrote it. If people like this, I'll write more on it. So, I hope you like it because I do! XD I guess this is a prologue?

  3. 4.75 What do you look for in a relationship?

    Published by nyokki on 11/14/2012 in Quizzes

    YES, both GUYS and GIRLS. Please answer honestly, and you will help me a LOT! ♥

  4. 4.75 Obama or Romeny

    Published by Pandapower77 on 11/06/2012 in Polls

  5. 4.00 When Should you be Able to wear makeup?

    Published by Emilycoryn13191 on 04/21/2012 in Polls

  6. 5.00 Three Time Traveling Tweens

    Published by Nowheregirl0 on 12/05/2011 in Lyrics

    Quick recap: In a story I wrote, my friends and I go back in time to stop John Lennon's death. He wrote this song to thank us and went to #1 in the charts. ~_~

  7. 0.00 A Day

    Published by forevericate on 09/23/2011 in Poems

    Story of my life.

  8. 0.00 Every Girl's Fairytale

    Published by forevericate on 09/23/2011 in Poems

    I guess you could say this is 'every girls fairytale' hence the title, haha. Hope you enjoy this.

  9. 0.00 Growing Up

    Published by anneshirley00bellaswan on 06/03/2011 in Lyrics

    Its nt cumng in lyric-text..looks like prose!

  10. 4.50 What Shake It Up person are you most like

    Published by kaytay98 on 03/28/2011 in Quizzes

    I like this show now take the quiz.

  11. 5.00 Dusk of the Blood Moon ~A Vampire Story~

    Published by amkara1 on 03/21/2011 in Stories

  12. 5.00 12-14 yr olds:How do you feel about your age?

    Published by anneshirley00bellaswan on 12/23/2010 in Polls

  13. 0.00 The Nursaery

    Published by Angeldream21 on 10/16/2010 in Stories

    HI ^^ this is one of the one stories that i have been writing my self

  14. 0.00 Don't Let Me Go , A Werepire Love Story (Chptr 12)

    Published by Mars003 on 09/25/2010 in Stories

    Im at my Grandparents !!! I Lurvvee it here !

  15. 5.00 How Old Do You Act?

    Published by mellie215 on 06/08/2010 in Quizzes

    this quiz will tell you your "true age!"

  16. 0.00 Give Tweens Some Credit, Chapter 2

    Published by dancethrulife92 on 04/05/2010 in Stories

    Carly, one of Kassie's friends, convinces Kassie her mom has nothing to do with popularity, so she gets over her mom and makes the best comeback you can ever make.

  17. 4.25 Whats your real age?

    Published by sexiichiicka19 on 01/09/2010 in Quizzes

  18. 5.00 What's Your High School Clique?

    Published by lavaster on 12/23/2009 in Quizzes

    C'mon; We've all seen 'em in movies and read them in books. So how would you like to see where YOU fit in? Just don't crash your private jet right on school campus!

  19. 5.00 If.....Why

    Published by sweetiepie24 on 11/10/2009 in Poems

    The Deeper Meaning Of Life & Why Live It To The Fullest!

  20. 5.00 Do your friends like you?

    Published by xMERINDA on 09/19/2009 in Quizzes

    This is a quiz, I actually made up a question based on a friend I've had.

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