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  1. 3.00 Creepypasta, Vocaloid, or Anime?

    Published by JessicaTheKiller on 07/20/2014 in Polls

  2. 5.00 Regret Message

    Published by magicshinzui on 03/29/2014 in Lyrics

  3. 1.75 What is your favorite song? (Kpop and Jpop songs)

    Published by PascalTehEpic on 03/28/2014 in Polls

  4. 5.00 Heaven

    Published by magicshinzui on 03/25/2014 in Lyrics

  5. 5.00 BitCrushe

    Published by EnchantmentOfDelirium on 03/15/2014 in Lyrics

    A translation of the song BitCrushe by deino. The song talks about someone killing your ex.

  6. 0.00 Evil ~ The Story(chapter 1)

    Published by vocaliodfangirl on 03/10/2014 in Stories

    Instead of the songs, it's a story!

  7. 0.00 An Untitled Oneshot thing uwu (Taito ShionxReader)

    Published by KarkatTheKiller on 03/10/2014 in Stories

    I seriously have no idea what to call this, so. uwu Please leave me a message and tell me what you think, criticism is very encouraged and appreciated. Thank you and tanoshimu.

  8. 5.00 Down the Mail Chute. ×Len× 12.

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 03/08/2014 in Stories

    Two small chapters posted rather quickly. aw yeah

  9. 5.00 How Much Do You REALLY Know About Vocaloid?

    Published by vocaliodfangirl on 03/07/2014 in Quizzes

  10. 5.00 Down the Mail Chute. ×Len× 11.

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 03/07/2014 in Stories

    Yoh is a crazy selfish bish. so cray.

  11. 4.00 What should I do next? (p.s: Sorry I haven't been on in a while!)

    Published by JuviaLockser on 03/07/2014 in Polls

  12. 5.00 What Vocaloid Kagerou Days Character Are You?

    Published by blueexorcist16 on 02/28/2014 in Quizzes

    Here. .3. -blueexorcist16 (P.S... Copied the info in the Vocaloid wiki...)

  13. 5.00 Story of Evil

    Published by magicshinzui on 02/27/2014 in Lyrics

  14. 5.00 Down the Mail Chute ×Len× 1o.

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 02/22/2014 in Stories

    Chapter Ten! I was really iffy about the start of this chapter, but finishing it paid off. Another character gets introduced! And oh boy is he gonna last.

  15. 5.00 Your Favorite Male Counterpart Vocaloid/UTAUloid?

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 02/22/2014 in Polls

  16. 5.00 Down the Mail Chute ×Len× o9.

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 02/19/2014 in Stories

    i swear i'm the typo queen sometimes. I had so much fun writing this chapter, especially the near end, i hope you'll like it! :D

  17. 5.00 Down the Mail Chute ×Len× o8.

    Published by PalomaRAWRx3 on 02/17/2014 in Stories

    oh how i love the number 8!

  18. 5.00 Electric Angel

    Published by DeitobiSasodei on 02/10/2014 in Lyrics

    My original lyrics to a vocaloid song

  19. 5.00 Umbrella and Rain

    Published by DeitobiSasodei on 02/10/2014 in Lyrics

    my original lyrics to a vocaloid song

  20. 5.00 The Dream Eating Monochrome Demon

    Published by DeitobiSasodei on 02/10/2014 in Lyrics

    my original lyrics to a vocaloid song

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