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  1. 0.00 The Time I Realized

    Published by eminem123524 on 06/22/2014 in Stories

    This was the first time I opened my eyes about my brother.

  2. 5.00 Ginga Densetsu Kaila II

    Published by CountyLovinGirl811 on 03/20/2014 in Stories

  3. 5.00 Ginga Densetsu Kaila

    Published by CountyLovinGirl811 on 03/18/2014 in Stories

    Ive been watching/reading this anime, and I kind like it :D Soooooo I decided to write about itttt

  4. 5.00 Random anime oc

    Published by XxStonerStonerxX on 02/13/2014 in Stories

  5. 5.00 A Half-Blood Story - Chapter 3

    Published by Brooke56ink on 02/08/2014 in Stories

    Alisha has just betrayed Lenzia! How does it feel?

  6. 0.00 What Do I Do NOW?

    Published by EdithVu on 02/02/2014 in Stories

    story that is still being written in real life. Based on a true story, my story.

  7. 5.00 What do the GDW characters think of you? (for Girls)

    Published by BrightAsBlack on 01/18/2014 in Quizzes

  8. 5.00 Weed and blow gives me the fix I need

    Published by plur111 on 01/12/2014 in Poems

    True poem that I wrote that is happening right now

  9. 3.75 Do you think hemp oil should be legalized as a cure for cancer and other illnesses?

    Published by SinyTress on 01/05/2014 in Polls

  10. 4.25 What's your style?

    Published by Mysweetemily on 01/02/2014 in Quizzes

    Whats your style? Are you a fashion freak, all up to season, rock and roll, or pure "I don't care."

  11. 0.00 A girl Like me

    Published by Troublegum on 12/23/2013 in Lyrics

  12. 4.25 What flower are you

    Published by Zwaggerilla96 on 12/18/2013 in Quizzes

  13. 3.00 Do you think marijuana should be legal?

    Published by MiztaRadical on 11/27/2013 in Polls

  14. 5.00 Split .

    Published by rahslyn on 10/20/2013 in Poems

    love & drugs

  15. 5.00 a weed or a rose

    Published by animexcullenxdream on 10/19/2013 in Poems

    this is bad

  16. 5.00 The Other Option ..

    Published by rahslyn on 10/18/2013 in Poems

    Im Back With More c;

  17. 5.00 You Don't Know Me 04

    Published by --Guideline-- on 10/07/2013 in Stories


  18. 5.00 You Don't Know Me 03

    Published by --Guideline-- on 10/06/2013 in Stories

    I know how Ima do this... So if you like Frank Iero, Oli Sykes, Kellin Quinn or Andy Biersack... must read!

  19. 5.00 You Don't Know Me 02

    Published by --Guideline-- on 10/05/2013 in Stories

    Gonna try to incorperate my favorite band members.... but how? :o

  20. 4.75 You Don't Know Me 01

    Published by --Guideline-- on 09/30/2013 in Stories

    Not sure where this story is going, but I just wanted to write, sooo... we'll see where this goes! RATE PLEASE!

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