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  1. 5.00 Why Did I Get Bit and How

    Published by soawesome54 on 02/16/2014 in Stories

    I'm a zombie is it in the air did one snick in the house or what

  2. 5.00 *Love Is Love, 55 (boyxboy)

    Published by nOstalgiCseLveS on 11/25/2013 in Stories

    I started writing a new story the Saturday before last Saturday and I finished it this Saturday. It was called "I Could Write A Story", but I should rename it to, "I Could Write A Story, But It Won't Do Any Good If I Accidentally Select All, Paste A URL, Save, Exit, And End Up Completely Losing EVERYTHING To My Horror". I try not to think about it to much, otherwise I get really mad and sad about it... Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading! Seriously need to start working on new chapters...

  3. 5.00 ♧Little Wonders: I've shown you mine...♧ {Tony Stark/Iron Man}

    Published by CrisicMelody on 07/04/2013 in Stories

    Okay, so this idea came to me out of nowhere today, and I simply wrote it down. I may go back and change a few things, maybe lengthen it, but I think for now this will do. This is a more humorous moment, rather than the sappy one you'd think of in this series. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated!

  4. 5.00 Little Wonders: ❄Jack Frost❄

    Published by CrisicMelody on 06/27/2013 in Stories

    The first entry to my Little Wonders series! I was most inspired by this character, and I hope you like this little drabble

  5. 5.00 ❦ Introductory to series: "Little Wonders" ❦

    Published by CrisicMelody on 06/27/2013 in Stories

    This series will be based on the song "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas. Don't know it, I recommend looking it up ^_^ If you don't know it and don't look up the song, then the description of the basics of these creations is inside this little writing, along with characters that will most likely be written for in this series. I hope you enjoy once I get some uploaded

  6. 5.00 The Allurement

    Published by aquabats222 on 06/25/2013 in Poems

    A poem of the unbelievable world out there.

  7. 3.75 Slender man Legned!

    Published by MySilentNight on 08/14/2012 in Stories

  8. 0.00 finnaly a grown up :)

    Published by aheart19 on 07/15/2012 in Stories

    sorry its been so long and that this chapter is short. well i hope you love it!! -aheart19

  9. 5.00 Mysteries

    Published by Athlonx on 07/01/2012 in Poems

    In the bible the lord says that if he told us the mysteries we will never understand

  10. 0.00 Wonderland

    Published by BluestNightmare on 06/02/2012 in Poems


  11. 5.00 Little Wonders [KH/FF] 7

    Published by LookXAliveXSunshine on 05/27/2012 in Stories

    I'm sorry if I switch back and fourth from using 'you' to 'i' in this story. I'm used to using first person POV in my other stories....

  12. 5.00 Little Wonders [KH/FF] 6

    Published by LookXAliveXSunshine on 05/24/2012 in Stories

    It's been a while since I've updated last, hasn't it? Sorry 'bout that. Here's the next update. Enjoy! Comment and rate if you like it, yeah?

  13. 0.00 The Greatest Adventures

    Published by RavenRoxx on 05/16/2012 in Poems

    A poem for everyone all about the greatest, happiest, adventures you can possibly have.

  14. 3.00 chapter #2 hehehe

    Published by rocklover44321 on 05/16/2012 in Stories

    okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  15. 5.00 Little Wonders~Rob Thomas.

    Published by AlchemistKeybladeMaster on 05/04/2012 in Lyrics

    I own nothing.

  16. 4.50 One Smile :)

    Published by DreamWeaver777 on 04/29/2012 in Poems

    This is about a smiles super-smiley-powers!! Pass a smile on if you can :)

  17. 5.00 Little Wonders [KH/FF] 5

    Published by LookXAliveXSunshine on 04/15/2012 in Stories

    I hope no one minds I'm thinking about switching over to story format because it's less annoying....

  18. 3.75 On The Verge: Dying Purple Hearts

    Published by DarknessInMind on 04/12/2012 in Stories

    Journal Entry 1: "I am awaiting the call from Carlie, she promised to call me whenever she got off the train in South Central Vega but I have not heard from her. The days to see my daughter from my first wife is burying me under my own stress, the fresh flowers seem to enrage me but I have no idea why. I have seen a shady character roaming onto my ranch, leading itself from the town of Homurisho. I am wondering why I ever left Karma but now I know why, all the fighting and everything about money. C Greys"

  19. 5.00 Little Wonders [KH/FF] 4

    Published by LookXAliveXSunshine on 03/27/2012 in Quizzes

  20. 0.00 The Door

    Published by QueenOfCrystals277 on 02/26/2012 in Poems

    One of my more mature poems, much like 'Gold Wings.' It includes somewhat similar ideas to that poem, if you read the text carefully. And sorry if I published two copies of 'Blinded, Part 2:' technical difficulties with Quizilla -_-

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