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  1. 5.00 Phoenix Feathers:10

    Published by xThexLibraryxWitchx on 04/18/2014 in Quizzes

    Please excuse me for the big space between updates. Yes, but last time you were about to go into town and get clothes and stuff.

  2. 0.00 If I’m a Hero, Why Don’t I Feel Super? (YJ wwyff/wwffy) Part 6

    Published by FeyMaster on 04/18/2014 in Quizzes

    This quiz, I wanted to give you a peak into life with your mentor, Marji/Silver!

  3. 5.00 Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 14

    Published by Sekiraku on 04/17/2014 in Quizzes

    Sorry it's been so long... finals are coming. DX But soon it shall be glorious summer, and hopefully I can post more often!

  4. 5.00 ☢Dead Tide☢ WWFFY [29]

    Published by londonanimelover on 04/17/2014 in Quizzes

    This chapter is quite short, sorry about that! Regardless, please enjoy. Roughly 2-3 chapters left.

  5. 5.00 She's a Hunter (pt.XXX)

    Published by DowntownxSuicide on 04/16/2014 in Quizzes

    Previously on Shehunt: You spent the day wandering around Santa Fe, taking in the sights. After checking in with Teddy to see how much longer he would be you tried to get in touch with Alex and Finlay but to no avail. You ended up calling Charlie for some reassurance and companionship. Teddy arrived just before nine pm.

  6. 4.00 Violence Romance [Original WWYFF/WFFY] Introduction

    Published by TheMaskedPierrot on 04/16/2014 in Stories

    This is currently my first WWFFY/WWYFF and yeah, I'm sort of scared to know how it will go and yeah...But, anyways. I shall give you a brief description! Your name is [Name][Surname] (You may come up with a fake one for the story's storyline for each family but [Surname] is your main) you are currently 14-15 years old, you look how you look and all that. Just one thing, you have no family and you live in orphanages and are always moving. This is literally my third time trying to submit it

  7. 5.00 ☢Dead Tide☢ WWFFY [28]

    Published by londonanimelover on 04/16/2014 in Quizzes

  8. 5.00 She's a Hunter (pt.XXIX)

    Published by DowntownxSuicide on 04/16/2014 in Quizzes

    Previously on Shehunt: You began your trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico and chatted with Finlay for a bit via text messages. You finally arrived in Santa Fe in the early hours of the day and passed out on your bed at the Motel 6. Around noon you got a call from a Teddy Driscoll telling you he'd be there later that night to come get you.

  9. 5.00 Endangered WWYFF (10)

    Published by arocker2009 on 04/16/2014 in Stories

    I am SO sorry that this is in story form, but I just can't get it up in quiz format while Quizilla continues to be as slow as a turtle fart! Please excuse the lateness and the lack of results!!!! THIS SHOULD HOPEFULLY BE A ONE TIME THING

  10. 5.00 wwffy sonic, shadow, silver, knuckles

    Published by darknessarrived13 on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    Here we go, my first wwffy, if it sucks bring on the hate mail ; P Sorry if tails isn't in it right now, He'll come in later....

  11. 5.00 My friend's another world's hero? (an author approved fanfic WWFFY!) - #2

    Published by JaxAmnell on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    Welcome to part two! If you're curious about how a quiz series like this can be author approved, please read the intro-description in the first quiz! I hope you enjoy!

  12. 5.00 WWFFY Vampire Knight XII

    Published by LittleSunflower on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    ok so recap: ur went into Zero's room to explain him your facts when your sister Rosalie is appeared in the room..and now? @.@

  13. 5.00 ☢Dead Tide☢ WWFFY [27]

    Published by londonanimelover on 04/15/2014 in Quizzes

    In this chapter, you'll receive a very special biology lesson with Professor Grayson Genevosa. Also, I was thinking of doing a Q&A sort of thing, so if you've got any questions that you'd like answered, please send them in with the subject as Q&A. Thanks!

  14. 5.00 Who is the best Sonic character?

    Published by darknessarrived13 on 04/15/2014 in Polls

  15. 5.00 Unforgotten wwffy #25

    Published by willowtree123 on 04/14/2014 in Quizzes

    hi sorry about the delay! WARNING:VIOLENCE AND GORE

  16. 4.75 ☢Dead Tide☢ WWFFY [26]

    Published by londonanimelover on 04/14/2014 in Quizzes

    Hopefully, this chapter addresses some questions raised in the previous chapter. Without further ado, please enjoy chapter 26!

  17. 5.00 do you promise #4

    Published by peetapeeta216 on 04/13/2014 in Quizzes

    I went to play laser tag and I tried to save it... it didn't save. take two! Previously on 'do you promise- you have convinced the boys that you could leave with them. soon you discover Nyell's dislocated shoulder.- This will be fun... Message and rate i won't bite I promise! *w* my new catch phrase!

  18. 5.00 Love is a Shadow (part 14)

    Published by zombau on 04/13/2014 in Stories

  19. 5.00 Love is a Shadow (part 14)

    Published by zombau on 04/13/2014 in Stories

  20. 5.00 ☢Dead Tide☢ WWFFY [25]

    Published by londonanimelover on 04/13/2014 in Quizzes

    I just sat down and rethought the entire ending to Dead Tide. Holy crap. Okay. This was not how I planned it in the beginning. Anyway. This chapter is a little short, so I'm sorry about that. In any case, please enjoy this chapter!

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