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  1. 3.75 Pretty Guardian Sailor New Moon: Meet the Sailor Senshi: Ella Valentine

    Published by SailorMoon965 on 08/13/2014 in Stories

    This is a crossover story between the original Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sailor Moon I made back in 8th grade. It was a bit sloppy when I made it all of those years ago but when I did, people loved it. Now that I have graduated high school, my writing skills are better and it's now back and better than ever. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! or Sailor Moon, only some of the OC's in this story. Enjoy.

  2. 4.75 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 270

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 08/11/2014 in Stories

    I haven't done this in a WHILE now... :/ Anyways... Enjoy. ^_~

  3. 3.00 ~Which would you like to see updated first?~

    Published by supercutiepie on 07/25/2014 in Polls

  4. 5.00 What do the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast think of you? (Results for Ririnrie)

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 07/18/2014 in Stories

    My last request. Finally!

  5. 5.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 269

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 07/15/2014 in Stories

    Here is it. Enjoy.

  6. 3.00 What do the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast think of you? (Results for XxSuigintouXSlaughterxX)

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 07/12/2014 in Stories

    Since I can't copy the rest of the results here, I'll post the link. http://www.quotev.com/story/4953616/Yu-Gi-Oh-for-Venturexyourxsoul/1/

  7. 5.00 Jaden Yuki oneshot for cheekymonkey9

    Published by PokemonNarutoFreako on 07/09/2014 in Stories

    Hope you like it. fanwritten.

  8. 0.00 What do the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast think of you? (Results for Shwatzencop)

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 07/07/2014 in Stories

    Sorry for the horrible results. Your OC seems to not know many of the characters. ;-;

  9. 4.00 What does Dumon think of you? (Quiz requests from Starsparkles)

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 07/04/2014 in Quizzes

    I'm not really good with this. Hope it's good enough though.

  10. 4.50 Which Yu-Gi-Oh! series should I write a story on?

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 07/02/2014 in Polls

  11. 5.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 268

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 07/01/2014 in Stories

    Sorry I was been able to make this story too often cause I was playing Spirit Animals. ^_^" Please forgive me.

  12. 5.00 What do the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast think of you? (Results for SpudsXandXSnowdrops)

    Published by Venturexyourxsoul on 06/29/2014 in Stories

    I'm suffering from writer's block, please be patient for the other results. ^^" I also had many appointments, sorry.

  13. 4.50 **Just Say It** (Yusei Fudo Love Story) Ch. 11

    Published by XSilverwolfXItachi on 06/23/2014 in Stories

    I know I haven't updated in a while and I apologize. School and work have basically been kicking my ass. Please enjoy.

  14. 5.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 267

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 06/20/2014 in Stories

    Here it is! Enjoy!

  15. 0.00 Follow your heart! (A Yu-Gi-Oh and Mew Mew Power love story) ~Chapter 11~

    Published by meganblue on 06/18/2014 in Stories

    Hey!!!! If you guys don't like Mew Mew Power mixed into the Yu-Gi-Oh love story, let me know, and I'll gladly retype this chapter! :-)

  16. 5.00 Trapped

    Published by SailorMoon965 on 06/17/2014 in Stories

    Here's the sequel! I'm on a roll today! I'm making a 3rd part too because I'm having more fun writing these than I should! Enjoy!

  17. 5.00 Captured

    Published by SailorMoon965 on 06/17/2014 in Stories

    With the awesome power of Evanescence and the inspiration from my rp with my good friend yamimarikgirl, this was born! I seriously enjoyed writing about Yami Marik so I'm gonna write a second part to this. Enjoy!!

  18. 5.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 266

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 06/14/2014 in Stories

    Here is Part 266!

  19. 0.00 Should I mix Mew Mew Power into my Yu-Gi-Oh love story?

    Published by meganblue on 06/10/2014 in Polls

  20. 5.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series Randomness Part 265

    Published by YuGiOh5DsDuelist on 06/06/2014 in Stories

    Here it is. Enjoy.

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