10 questions about phonetics and phonology.

To all my fellow students - just check yourselves :)

Created by szarus on 07/06/2009

Take the 10 questions about phonetics and phonology. test.

Phonetics is more about?

The central task within phonology is to?

Descriptive phonetics?

What are the branches of phonetics?

The branch of phonetics dealing with the perception of sounds is called?

An allophone is a?

The smallest, identifiable unit found in a stream of speech that is able to be transcribed with an IPA symbol is a?

man-men love-dove see-bee sight-night hit-hid - these are examples of?

Pronunciation of a language that is distinctive enough to identify the speaker as a member or non-member of a particular group of people - this can be a definition of?

minimal set shows the contrast in?

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