How well do you know the House of Night series?

Ok here's the deal. If you haven't read the house of night books:Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, or Untamed then you are a retard. Hahaha. Im jk. So for all those hobos with computers out there you go on scribd right now and read those good ole books!!! Yeah yeah yeah. I know i am weird. I get it a lot. So enjoy!

Created by crazylauren17 on 11/30/1999

Take the How well do you know the House of Night series? test.

Zoey got marked at...

Zoey's new roommate and best friend is...(yes i know i do "..." a lot but whatever)

Zoey has which of these powers?

Zoey and the other students at the house of night are?

Zoey mostly shops at?

Zoey feels _____ when her best friend dies...

Kalona is what?

Who visits Zoey in her dreams?

Zoey's favorite kind of drink is?

The undead dead fledglings are also known as the...

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