Pretty Little Liars test

this test will help you determen how well you really know about the abc family hit searies pretty little liars first season if you think you know it all be prepared for this 40 question test please comment, message and rate

Created by ikisskissjake on 11/30/1999

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what is arias last name?

what is spencers last name?

waht is hannas last name?

what is emilys last name?

hannas old nickname?

hannas bff?

spencers problem with her sister?

what was mr. fitz last name?

what was allisons brothers name?

who was the 1st one to figure out allison was gone in the cabin?

who was more competitive with allison?

in the season finaly, who was in the video with allison?

in monas b-day bash who was hiding in the woods?

why were emilys shoes full with mud?

why did the english teacher break up with aria?

what was arias favorite book?

what did allison find out about toby and jenna?

why was jenna blind?

why didnt toby tell the cops it was allison who put the firework ?

why did the cops want to arrest toby?

what color dress was aria on homecoming?

where does alex work?

whats wrong with spencers mom?

what did allison buy the girls

what did the girls put for the memorial?

who moved out of arias house

what was the name of the english sub?

at homecoming where did emily and toby lock themselves in?

when toby was driving emily to the hospital where did he have blood?

what is tobys last name?

at the memorial who was going to play something depressing whitha chelo?

what music did jason use to listed to?

in the themesong what does allison have on her left hand?

on there 1st kiss where did aria and the english teacher kiss?

who did aria s dad cheat with?

what sport does arias brother play?

who is emilys kissing partner?

what is hannas problem?

what does spencers dad force her to do?

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