Pierce the Veil lyric quiz

I was shocked there was no PTV lyrics quiz :o so I made one :) (by the way it gets harder as the quiz goes on :P)

Created by MCRfreak120194 on 11/30/1999

Take the Pierce the Veil lyric quiz test.

Finish the lyrics! "My love for you was bulletproof..."

"I've been saving myself for you..."

"You know the only real way to cure pain is to..."

Now tell me what song the lyrics are from :) "I'll be the brightest someday, I'll be the brightest you'll see. So dont rain on my parade."

"Don't mind me I'm just reaching for your necklace, talking to my mom about this little girl from Texas."

"I'd rather kill the one responsible for falling stars at night, cause they fall all around me, the night can be deadly."

"Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait. You'll be excited just to see me someday, everythings ok."

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