Minecraft Fan Quiz

How good of a fan are you?

Created by dmitchell94 on 11/29/2010

Take the Minecraft Fan Quiz test.

What does Minecraft run on?

Who created MineCraft

as of 11/29/10 (Nov,11,2010) what stage of development was Minecraft in?

Were is Minecraft's HQ?

Who is jeb?

Which of the following was not part of the 2010 halloween update?

On what day did Mine/craft move into its office?

Classic is?

In inDev you have the option of playing:

What company was formed in the making of minecraft?

What is the name of the founder of minecraft's blog?

During Alpha Minecraft was on sale at what discount?

Minecraft's logo is made out of what type of block?

which of the following is not a minecraft forum or community?

Minecraft's been under development since?

What is Notch's Real name?

Who is the Game Design, programming and graphics guy?

Who is the music and sounds guy?

Who does the in-game artwork?

Who does Additional Programming?

whick of the following technologies does minecraft NOT use?

The Minecraft ToDo list uses a program called:

Minecraft uses a ____ texture.

You can only change your skin if:

Finish this quote from Notch: " I'll remove it. I believe that I can combine enough fun, accessibility and building blocks for this game to be a huge melting pot of _____________."

For best results be honest! DID YOU CHEAT ON THIS TEST ( look at the minecraft page or any other page to gain answers for this test) Honesty Rewards!!!!

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