How MEXICAN are you???

Lol Its funny but tru, at my house, Mexican power!!! lol.

Created by JayShadow1 on 11/30/1999

Take the How MEXICAN are you??? test.

Do you have any funky animal blankets???

When you are running out of dish washing soap, what do you do??

You know you scared when you hear ____.

when you run out of tolie paper do you use napkins??

Have you ever talked on the phone while on the Crapper???

LMFAO!!! have you ever had a sprinkiler as a watter park on your, front/back lawn???

Do you think all Asians are Chineese??

Do you have alot of uncle drunkies??

What is the Most Scarest monster???

Where do you store you pot and pans??

do you add sugar to you corn flakes, for frosty flakes??

do you gossip in spanish when there are non-spanish speakers around??

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