How well do you know The Hunger Games??

this includes stuff from The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay so it MAY have spoilers if you havent read them all and ive included what book theyre from hg=Hunger Games cf=Catching Fire mj=Mockingjay p.s. this took me like three hours to do cause my computer was acting funny and it was really hard so no mean things!!!!

Created by turdmuffin101 on 12/24/2010

Take the How well do you know The Hunger Games?? test.

HG: Who gets picked out of the glass sphere for girls in District Twelve?

HG: What does Peeta reveal during the interview in front of the capitol?

HG: What happens to Rue to make her die?

HG: Why does Katniss set out to find Peeta?

HG: How does Katniss find Peeta?

HG: How does Katniss subdue Peeta so she can get the antibiotics for his infection in his leg?

HG: Katniss and Peeta set out to find Cato so that The Games can be over. They find him being chased by hounds. What do the hounds have in common with the other dead 21 tributes?

HG: What happens when Katniss and Peeta both put nightlock in their mouth?

CF: Why does President Snow visit Katniss?

CF: Katniss is in the forbidden woods when she approaches the 'electrified' fence and its actually on. She needs to get back into the District so what does she do?

CF: The Quarter Quell comes up and President Snow announces that they will be picking from their existing pool of victors to be their tributes. How did Katniss react to this?

CF: Cinna dresses Katniss as what for the interview in front of Panem?

CF: When Katniss is going into the arena what happens to Cinna?

CF: Katniss is disoriented when she looks at the arena and is confused. Whats the floor?

CF: Katniss and her group have a plan to kill the other tributes. She and Peeta get seperated against their will. She returns to the place theyre supposed to meet at and nobodies there. What does she do?

CF: What happens in the end?

MJ: Katniss is watching the 'news' when she sees theres an interview with Peeta. How does she react when she sees that hes alive, well, and healthy?

MJ: District Thirteen is organizing a rescue team to go get the tributes they couldnt get from the arena. Who were they?

MJ: District Thirteen is watching an interview with Peeta. He says: "And Thirteen... Dead by morning!" Then you hear a cry of pain and see blood splatter the tiles. What happens?

MJ: Finnick is also worrying about Annie so how does he 'deal' with it?

MJ: What happens when Katniss and Peeta get reunited?

MJ: Peeta recovers from The Capitol. Katniss is in The Capitol and a bomb goes off. Medics rush in. Then another bomb goes off. Prim was one of the medics. What happens?

MJ: Katniss gets burned badly. She slowly recovers. She is going to be the one to kill President Snow. What happens at the execution?

MJ: When Katniss finally returns to District Twelve she looks out the window and Peetas there. Hes planting bushes. Of primrose flowers. What does that moment signify?

BONUS!!! You dont have to answer this but how many kids do Katniss and Peeta have?

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