Shake It Up Trivia Quiz

All questions will be worth 20 points.

Created by wizkid7125 on 11/30/1999

Take the Shake It Up Trivia Quiz test.

Which body part did Flynn pretend to hurt to get Destiny to pay attention?

What subject did CeCe need to be tutored on?

How many pounds was the "Big-Fat-Heart-Attack"?

Who froze in the spotlight in his/her audition for "Shake It Up, Chicago"?

On the shirt that Gunther was going to give to Ty, how did Gunther spell "Baby"?

How did Rocky get CeCe to go with her to the first show of Shake It Up Chicago?

Who sings the theme song?

Justin Starr tells all of his fans that he is 16. How old does he tell CeCe and Rocky he is?

When Phil reads Rocky and CeCe's licenses, he says that CeCe's name is _______.

What is Gunther and Tinka's last name?

In what grade did Gunther and Tinka come to Chicago?

On what day did it premiere in the United States?

BONUS: To whom did CeCe accidentally send the picture of Justin Starr kissing his manager to?

BONUS: Why did Rocky seem upset about CeCe ordering Rocky the meat-lovers special?

BONUS: What does CeCe say helps her from getting nervous?

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