Black Butler Trivia quiz, how well do you know Kurosuji (Black Butler)?

Do you know Kuroshitsuji as well as I do? (Thanks to Marmar my sister for coming up with about half of the questions, don't say fooling around on facebook isn't good for nothing!

Created by EllieSutcliff on 11/30/1999

Take the Black Butler Trivia quiz, how well do you know Kurosuji (Black Butler)? test.

Arrange from shortest to tallest: Undertaker, Will, Sebastian and Grell.

What are the names of the demon triplets working at the Trancy estate in season two?

What is the name of the nun Sebastian "persuades" to tell more about the Heavens Choir?

On what date did Ciel's parents die?

Where is Sebastian's contract mark located?

What was the name of Alois' "brother"?

Grell actually helps Ciel in season one, but on what condition?

What is Hannah's surname?

In the Circus arc of the manga, what is the name of the man the circus children call "father"?

What is the colour of Pluto's eyes?

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