How Much Do You Know About TBTTRAH?

Created by PurpleBouncy on 11/30/1999

Take the How Much Do You Know About TBTTRAH? test.

In what season did the Bionicles first go on a vacation?

What late GameCube game (released even after the Wii came out) was obsessively played on the first vacation?

Which Zehvor was with MT when the Bionicles met him?

Who was the first main enemy of the heroes?

Which of the following is the location of a massive battle between the heroes and 4-Mask?

What is the name of the substance the heroes have been battling all these years?

Which Zehvor was created by MT to be his personal assistant?

In which season was the term "Zehvor" actually coined?

Which villian failed to take over the house twice and was eventually killed by an army of Bionicles?

Which villian was an evil Toa of Anti Xenon?

What creature did Tahu create an army of in order to destroy Evil Tahu?

Which villian is a Xenon-infused clone of MT?

Which villian mind-controls the government into "closing" the house?

Who took over as temporary Zehvor leader after the "closing" of the house?

Which two turtles aid MT in wiping Xenon off of Earth?

The Bionicles are in their tiny forms only on which planet?

Which Zehvor was MT's friend thousands of years ago?

Which friendly planet is amassing an army to launch an attack on a Xenon base?

Which shadowy creature mercilessly hunts MT down?

What was the name of Brenmac's gremlin pet that was kidnapped along with Tahu?

Who kills Nightmare the first time?

What's the home base of TM's main fleet?

Who had been possessing TM?

Who kills Ihr?

Which race got in a war with the IUPD?

Who ambushed MT and TA in a seemingly empty city?

Which planet did MT, Kpik, TA, and Shadrahk received a distress signal from?

Who sliced Rotor's arm off and got Omega Turtle to eat him?

Which Zehvor gave his life to destroy Kyrell?

Who devised a machine that brought a group of the Bionicles including Mesonak back from the core?

Who killed Tackon by launching an RPG?

Who killed Xeno by ramming his stolen spaceship into his head?

Who called in the Zehvor to destroy the remaining Xenon in the galaxy?

What is the name of the Matoran that the heroes met in the mines of Planet Zyren?

What amazing comedy author do we celebrate today?

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