How much of a Run-Nerd are you?

Created by mandyelaine on 11/22/2011

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In the very first marathon, a Greek messenger named Pheidippides reportedly ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to deliver what message?

When did the women's marathon distance first debut in the modern Olympic games?

The marathon distance of 26.2 miles was not set until 1921. Approximately, how far did the marathoners run in the first Olympics?

Which of the below marathons is a eligible for an official world record time, provided the winds are cooperating that day?

Paula Radcliffe's world record was changed to a world best by the IAAF for which reason?

Which famous person below has not run the New York Marathon?

What surprising thing did Joan Benoit Sameulson do just three weeks before winning the Olympic trials?

Anthropologists have suggested that humans may have become good at distance running for which reason?

What type of workout is fartlek?

In Born to Run, the Tarahumara Indians, who ran long distance runs in nothing but simple leather sandals fueled up with:

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